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6 Must-Have Business iPhone Apps for Small Businesses to Succeed in 2017

The App Store has touched a new milestone, it now has around 2.2 million apps with over 100 billion of downloads as of 2017. Apple is an undoubted leader in the mobile sector, which has made app development an industry in itself.

Which is exactly why we’ve compiled this list of the best and brightest apps for doing business on the iPhone.


First things first, let us start with one of my personal favorites and life time saver. Evernote is one of the simplest apps that organize your cluttered in a single window. Whether appointments, to-do list, taking screenshots or managing your passwords, Evernote just gets it.

From business point-of-view taking quick notes for a meeting or call to action for a project or maintaining a list of assigned tasks, Evernote is your best choice.

Although a free version is adequate just for $12, you can have a premium version by which you can share your notebook with your teammates.

And best of all, you don’t need to have a wifi nearby to access your notes again and again. No internet connection is necessary.  


Paper to-do lists are now obsolete its now time for digital to-do lists. Presenting Wunderlist app; a simple app that can get you things done the easy way. No more cluttered papers to manage your workload. Just punch in some one liners to get started and cut them out once done with it.

Not only just for creating the digital to-do list, but Wunderlist app can also send reminders of the urgent tasks that need your attention. The best feature I love is when you rearrange the tasks, it changes the priorities automatically.

Oh, and the best part is this app is free for you to use and gets things done without giving hard times to your finance department.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is the mobile version of the most popular Wolfram Alpha site. With Google, you can just add, subtract, multiply numbers, but with Wolfram Alpha you can solve complex financial problems, you can calculate nutrition’s of particular foods, or you can simply take a careful note of the weather around before traveling for your next business trip.  

The app costs $2.99 US dollars – there is also a subscription option which adds additional utilities. Get this app for your iPhone and be smarter than your competition.

Genius Scan

Talking about PDF, scanning your documents on the go is one of the most tedious & time-consuming tasks. With Genius Scan you can scan your documents with crystal clarity and email them to your clients. Adjust the camera positioning, lightening effects and export them to your Google Drive, DropBox, or elsewhere.


Slack, is an enterprise messaging app with over three billion daily active users. It has widely become popular with its institutive looks and collaboration features.

But don’t think you will be able to use Slack right away – your team needs at least a week to know all the features. Once done this app can save you lot of overlapping between co-workers.

For instance, instead of going through all the emails for a particular conversation you can only use the Slack search tool to get to your desired email.


Imagine this: You with your whole team is listening to a client in the conference room. All are taking notes and looking for deadlines. As soon as the customer ends the call all get back to work on their respective assigned tasks.

This scenario only has one slight problem. What if some of your employees forgot to take notes. Now they don’t remember what dates they require to complete the task. TapeACall Pro to the rescue. Record all your client’s conversation without worrying about storage space in your phone. This fantastic app will record and save the call for future reference. You can even name the customer and project while you’re still on call.

Start downloading, and take note of how much each app helps you. Who knows – you might be surprised at the huge difference a simple app can for your business.

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