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10 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs in the year 2017

Being an Entrepreneur takes a lot of courage, tenacity, and sacrifice. Now there are three kinds of Entrepreneurs; first, the kind which focuses on sales, second are the ones who concentrate on creating jobs, and third, the most important ones are those who solve problems. Problems of everyday people which are as important as any other thing.

Jeff Bezos started with a simple problem he faced while purchasing books. He did not complain; he created a solution. Larry Page did the same, and so did Jack Ma. These are not just Entrepreneurs; these are people who turn their problems into solution and presented them to the world.

With Apps market booming since two years, there are certain apps designed to increase the productivity of Entrepreneurs. In this blog, I will highlight these apps which can make your life a living heaven.

  • Lemon Wallet will digitize your contact cards

As an Entrepreneur, you are bound to meet hundred of people every day. Moreover, if you are not, then surely you need to step up your networking skills. Apparently, you cannot remember all the people you meet, but surely you can install an app that you do it for you. Meet Lemon Wallet, a mobile app that allows you to store a digital copy of all of your contact cards in your wallet so you can access them whenever you need.

  • Keep track your expenses with Concur

As you grow, you need to keep track of your expenses. However, what if you are just starting out and don’t want to hire someone to do so. Not to worry, Concur to the rescue. Concur is a business travel and expense management app that doesn’t require you or your employees to keep physical receipts of your traveling.  A fantastic app that can keep detailed receipts, import credit card expenses, keep a log of your touring plans and even approve your employee’s expense claim request – in addition to that get your work done wherever you are – and without needing to hire anyone for the job.

  • Sign all your documents on the go with Docusign

Obviously, as an Entrepreneur, you will do tons of things on the go. Signing invoices and receipts are one of them. Well, with DocuSign you can do that whenever you want, wherever you want. Yeah, without even reaching for your pen & paper you can now sign digital receipts on the go. DocuSign is an electronic signature app referred to as ‘Digital Transaction Management’ tool, enables tech-savvy Entrepreneurs to sign official documents without having to go anywhere near your office.

  • Read news over a glance with Flipboard

As an Entrepreneur, you will need to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in your field. Say hello to Flipboard, an app which will blow your mind away. You will be delighted to know what this app can do for you. A clean interface with selected news on top Flipboard is your daily dose of useful insights in your industry. You can add specific blogs to your main page, and keep in touch with what is trending across the globe.

  • Increase your Focus to 300% with Focus@Will

Yes, every single day Entrepreneur faces with various issues which usually affects the ability to think straight. Good news is you do not need to worry about focus anymore. With Focus@Will you will eliminate all the distractions and achieve your goals faster. Get more done in less time – with Focus@Will you can now easily complete projects on time without giving any second thoughts to the project.

  • What you know to do, what you do not ask on Quora

Creativity apps are excellent: the mind is programmed to work through problems in similar ways over time. Sometimes, an insightful question wanders our brains to different directions. Moreover, to help us we need to ask other people. So, where else can you put a question other than Quora?

Started as a question & answer app, this little app turned out to be a grand successor. Even Google helps your SEO if your problem is listed in Quora.

As an Entrepreneur, you will face many challenges of which you might don’t find where to go. Quora will help you figure out things faster than anything else. Just post your question, have a Coffee break and boom you will be flooded with answers all over your timeline.

  • Evernote – The evergreen information keeping journal

Entrepreneurs mind varies to different things. At times he needs to keep track on information for future reference. The thing about the human brain is, if information is not handled properly, it gets lost deep in your subconscious mind. Here comes Evernote to the rescue. Your last report keeping a journal. Be it quote, web link or screenshot, you can use Evernote to save any information on the go, and the best part is, you can connect this app with your laptop/Mac to take whatever you need, whenever you need it.

  • Get rid of Coffee and use Lumosity instead

For all the brilliant Entrepreneurs, who are constantly looking to exercise their brain and stay ever capable of making sharp decisions, you have the great Lumosity app. Designed to train your memory, increase your attention span and sharpen your core cognitive abilities. So instead of having Coffee, try this app fo a change. Download the app now and thank me later.

  • Don’t just list, finish your to-do list with Todoist app

As an Entrepreneur, you will be dealing with such a man critical things. So, best is to keep your mind focused on one thing and moved to another. Todoist is a simple app that will surely help you to create, manage and achieve your to do lists faster than any other app. Share and collaborate with your employees and arrange business tasks, receive notifications and reminders with this essential app for Entrepreneurs.

  • Delightful Mind Mapping with Mindnode

MindNode helps you visualize your ideas. Start with an inner thought and then brainstorm, organize and share your mind maps. The clutter-free user interface will let you concentrate on generating and connecting your ideas. A beautiful easy to use the app to jot down your creative juice on digital paper and use it whenever you need it.

To bottom it up

If you are just starting out, it is best to start with your mobile app. A creative mobile app is quite easy to find, but to find a mobile app development agency that fulfills your need was difficult to find. If you are an Entrepreneur go for these apps and if you want to have your app work for an original app development company.

Adam McGriffin

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