The constellation of design tools is always in a state of flux and growing with each passing moment. Thanks to ever-evolving technology that keeps on enhancing and upgrading, standards keep on changing, and every month there are new tools popping up for you to try out that can enhance your capabilities as a designer, developer or give you insights into the world of designing that help you a lot in crafting the perfect product design if you’re on a solo flight as an entrepreneur.

So whether you’re a front-end designer in a web design agency, freelancer, web developer or an entrepreneur exploring ways to launch your business on the web, you need a variety of tools to help you become more efficient.

There are loads of DIY website builders, logo generators, social media image makers, video editors and much more, but how do you know which one is actually the right choice for your brand. Scroll down and you will find a list of most useful web design, development and testing tools for beginners to try them out, see how they work for you.  

  1. SmartMockups


There are a lot of images you can use on your website such as images of products, images of satisfied customers, or anything that represents your company culture. To make your life easier, you can use SmartMockups. All you need to simply upload your app’s screenshot and download a mockup. No need to use Photoshop, no hassle at all.

  1. Peek

What’s the point of creating a visually appealing website, if it has usability issues? Peek is a free tool that provides you with a 5-minute review of your website. It highlights all the glaring UX issues, so that you can fix them all and make your website functional.

  1. Browser Calories

In this day and age, when all of are using smartphones for browsing, as a designer, developer or business owner you need to be keeping an eye on page weights. This icon placed next to the address bar lets you know the page weight of anything you are looking at.

  1. Cool Text

This free tool helps you generate graphics for websites, logos without overburdening you with the design work. You can simply choose the type of image you like most, fill out a form and your custom-made image is done.

  1. LucidPress

If you are looking for an elegant digital or print design for a brochure, flyer or newsletter, then using LucidPress is a wise choice. It is an easy-to-use tool that has a drag and drop capability which makes text, photo, and video layout a lot easier.

  1. Inspectlet

This amazing tool provides a great way to analyze how your visitors engage with your website. You can easily watch how far they scroll, on which section they click and even on which page they spend their time most. This will help you optimize your website design and content both to get maximum user engagement.

  1. Frontify Style Guide

It provides an outstanding solution to all your functional, visual needs. With Frontify you can easily create professional design guidelines for your brand. No matter if it is a logo, image, color, font, digital and print content, it can manage files as easy as you would expect.

  1. ScreenFlow

In the realm of video editing, if you are facing difficulty in finding a perfect app that can simply help you create gifs, don’t worry, ScreenFlow is here to help you out. With this simple interface, you can animate, edit and even shot screen.

  1. Photodex

You will find this app simply amazing. This tool lets you stitch together images and graphics into a video. It’s free version allows you to use up to 15 images which is perfect for a simple YouTube video.

  1. HTML5 UP

Believe it or not, templates are life savers. If you are a design noob, you will surely find HTML5 UP very useful. It offers well-designed and properly coded templates to help you create your landing pages.

  1. WebFlow

This great tool offers a lot of unexpected features like CMS and advanced animations along with an option of HTML exports. The tool has a free plan available.

  1. Pexels

Stock images can make your website design more appealing and attention grabbing. Pexels is an amazing tool that allows you search through a lot of sources of free stock images. You can choose photos of your choice, it has something for everyone.

  1. Visual Website Optimizer

A/B testing is must for your website and Visual Website Optimizer is an amazing tool that offers a cordless setting up A/B tests. Try it out as it is very promising and affordable.

  1. Canva

It is a great, free tool to create simple graphics for blog posts, content marketing, social media marketing, newsletters and so on.

  1. TypeGenius

Using the right type of fonts is important for your website. TypeGenius is an amazing tool that suggests perfect font combinations based on your choice.  

  1. Foundation

This prototyping tool serves as a blueprint for your responsive website. The latest version offers an easy-grid structure that makes styling even more flexible and convenient. It works great with CSS and SASS both.

  1. Load Impact

In this competitive business world your website needs to load faster and quickly. Load Impact is a cloud-based service that lets you test how your website, mobile app or API is performing with a million of concurrent users. It makes load testing and website optimization easier to generate traffic load by existing users.

  1. Pingdom

It is a service that can easily monitor the uptime, downtime and performance of your website. All you need to upload a full image in HTML and it will mimic the loading process of your website while incorporating all the elements such as RSS, CSS, images, etc. This way you can check and track the efficiency of your website.

Final Words

This list could be much bigger as there are a lot of great tools and services available and it’s almost impossible to get them all in one blog post. But the above mentioned tools are the best options to try out for beginners, designers, developers and small business owners. So, use these handy tools and improve your website quality in terms of design, functionality and coding.


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