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8 Must-Have Mobile App Features for Small Businesses to generate leads in 2017

Everyone loves to talk about their first crush. Yes, admit it or not, you are thinking about him/her at the moment. Finally, I am revealing my first crush. My first crush came to my home, and I felt pretty rapturous about it.  It came in a 33 x 19-centimeter box. Yes, my first crush were my Nike shoes which came from Back then I did not know what it was that
tickled the feeling, but now I realized it was not just about the product, it was about the experience I got when I placed an order with Zappos.

That same experience I received when I placed my first order with Amazon app. Giant e-commerce companies are now cascading themselves on improving end-user experience in mobile apps. As Steve Jobs famously said:

“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”

As per the research, smartphones comprises of 34% of all e-commerce transactions in the USA, and this figure is expected to grow in the year 2017, 85% of the consumers, now days prefer mobile application over a mobile website.

So, if you are a startup going for mobile app development for your small business, here are eight must-have features for small businesses that will turn your surely convert your visitors into customers.

  • User-Friendly Feedback System

78% of the visitors made the immediate purchase after receiving an excellent customer service. The primary purpose to put a customer service chat or number is know what your customer what if they did not find it in your app. Develop your app in a way which makes customer contact easy.

Make sure your app is bug-free and to make that come true, give your customers power to pinpoint bugs in your app. Make your customer service in such a way that the clients can quickly point out the bugs in it.

  • Usability comes first

What good a mobile app is if customers cannot place an order without your help. Give them the seamless experience. As Austin Kleon in his bestseller Steal Like an Artist highlights:

“Start copying what you love. Copy copy copy copy. At the end of the copy, you will find yourself.”

Learn from already successful apps like Facebook and Instagram. What features are they giving that makes an app simple? Go and do that. User experience gets rewarded if it is also beautiful and surprising.

  • It is a phone, not a website

Sort out the most essential features and put them in your app. No need to baffle your customers with many functions that offer no benefit to your mobile-friendly customers. Moreover, just like Facebook Lite, give customers a lightweight app that is easy to install and efficient to run.

  • Make social media login a priority

Bestbuy’s sales tripled when they introduced social media logins on their app. If they can do it, why should you? An additive advantage to the customer is that their Facebook is already logged in, so they do not need a lengthy process to make and account and place an order on the app. Give them the convenience to increase your sales probability.

  • Is the data unique?

The content in an app must be exclusive to your app. Don’t duplicate your website. Stop making apps that are just mobile-friendly, make apps that are mobile-only. Moreover, most importantly focus on delivering the relevant information which makes a rich user experience.

  • Make it work offline too

Do not just create apps that only operate on wi-fi. Built apps that work smoothly wirelessly on-the-go too. Put less content but make it work as beautifully as possible.

  • Gamification is the new engagement star

Everyone can make apps that just run, but it takes guts to turn simple apps and make it engaging. Add some engagement tool for your users to come back, again and again. Be it a contest, or something that connects them with other users to create a tribe with similar hobbies.

  • Prioritize Speed

If your app takes more than 8 seconds to load, research shows that customers will uninstall the app without even bothering to browse the app.

To bottle it all up

Developing mobile apps is not a tedious task, the real challenge for mobile app development companies is to design a mobile app that creates a frictionless, user experience. I hope these features will act as a catalyst to make solid leads. A simple way to judge a good digital company is to look for their case studies. If they delivered well to other companies, they will help you too to build a classic app that will sell your good.

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