Google acquired DeepMind for $400 million. This fact alone can sum up the importance of AI in mobile app development. AI has increasingly become of the hottest topics among Entrepreneurs, Startups & small businesses. With the inception of Siri, which itself was an instant hit, and Google’s assistant is also creating some waves in the mobile industry, companies are showing interest in developing apps that are AI friendly. Entrepreneurs are focusing on building apps that are transforming customer experience & giving them the comfort of human over the machine.

Impact of Mobile AI on Small Businesses

The tech giants like Amazon & eBay of the retail industry have already proven success in mobile AI. With advancements in tech & consumer demands, AI mobile app is the next big thing, whether you like it or not.

The tech tycoons are integrating AI algorithms into their products to entice the users. This synthesis helps in engaging the customers just like Amazon’s delivery Prime service.

Moreover, these are self-learning apps that evolve by consumer behavior. Furthermore, the businesses will be able to utilize the data that apps are collecting over the online platforms.

However, what makes a mobile perfect for the fusion of AI is its different range of personalization options. Smartphones are well aware of geolocation which is then used by AI to provide specific discounts to its users. These technologies can also be used to do pattern recognition of people and offer services base on their preferences.

While artificial intelligence now includes multiple fields other than mobile app development, its strong growth in usage in this area is a potent sign of just how much of a essential tool it has become when creating your apps. Nonetheless, it is still arguably a new frontier for most of the today’s app developers.

What’s known, though is that AI is rapidly becoming one of the prime determinants of the course that the development of most of the today’s apps should take? If you are still confused on how great AI is in mobile app development, you can clear your doubts by the below-mentioned tips:

Keep a keen eye on the latest mobile app development trends in AI

The best approach to start anything is to get yourself well equipped with the relevant information & then incorporate this information to help yourself with the AI. While the field is still new, the companies now realize the power of AI in mobile app development, with the platforms like OpenCog, Protégé, Seldon that have high artificial intelligence as a whole. Furthermore, you will also realize that AI is the fundamental upon which Apple’s Siri was invented, so it is never late to invent something that is totally different.

Prioritize, Sorting & Storing of Data for Your Al

Since most Al nowadays centers on machine learning also that evolve themselves from data that is served to them, it is only apt for developers to concentrate more on their efforts on evaluating facts that their apps collect. This is necessary to know because with this you can quickly make enhancements you can bring together to your app with the help of the Al you are using. Some are even sophisticated enough to do predictive analytics of the said data, which developers can easily utilize to boost user engagement and retention.

Aim on Machine Learning tools

Without a doubt, one of the fields that have felt the most impact of the advent of artificial intelligence in mobile application development is search analysis. This is especially vital since for apps that are designed to deliver users the best results and the specific information or object that they need. There are Al tools out there like Sentiment Analysis that can perform searches based on user opinion rather than numeric data. This smarter approach would undoubtedly give your app the leverage it needs to perform its functions optimally.

Make the Most out of Reinforcement Learning

How great would it be well-ordered than an app that can expand itself by scrutinizing users’ search data? With the corroboration learning capability of most machine learning tools, an app would be able to learn and find out what exactly different kinds of users prefer based on their changing needs and preferences. In the end, an app that can intelligently figure out what its users need with the passage of time is bound to crystallize that next evolutionary step in the development of smarter — and ultimately better — apps.

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