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5 Scary Halloween Websites for True Horror Fans

So, are you ready to carve a classic jack-o-lantern out of your pumpkin? Or maybe you’re looking for blood-chilling costume ideas for your Halloween party. Or maybe you want some custom website design ideas for your Halloween website.

Halloween is one of the most thrilling holidays of the year. And they say, it is a season to be with your family that makes it special.

Attend costume parties, play divination games, carve jack-o’-lanterns, visit haunted attractions, tell scary stories and watch horror movies.

The to-do list is endless. You can get ideas from the internet and do whatever feels like creepy to you.

You can try the trick-or-treating of your own, or you can take inspiration from these scary websites.

IT movie

From the pen of Stephen King, comes a horror flick that will keep you glued to your seats. And this movie will also intensify your fear of clowns. It’s not recommended to watch for people having coulrophobia, the fear of clowns because the main character Pennywise the Dancing Clown will keep you away from thekitchen even to drink a glass of water.

For the Halloween, website inspiration check out the 360 Cinematic VR tourand act like a real-life hero. The website is just a collection of movie trailers and teasers. Do also check out the masonry gallery on the homepage, you can check the on-set photography & HQ screencaps from the movie.


If you’re planning to give a good scare to your friends on the Halloween party, here is one of the scariest Halloween websites that will contain some roof-raisingly creepy content. From stories, myths, supernatural tales, to history and origin of vampires, and werewolf. Creepy Pasta is frequently updated. To make things creepier, people share their own real-life scary experiences and stories.

Bloody Disgusting

Bored onAll Saints’ Eve. Well, check out theBloody Disgusting website. A full-blown website for all the horror freaks out there. Filled with stories and selection of movies, scary videos, and video game reviews. This is one Halloween website that will surely drive your horror cells in action. There is also a horror forum for fans that are willing to share horror culture related artifacts.

If you want more of Bloody Disgusting, there are several social media profiles you can follow to get the latest updates on what’s new in the world of horror.


The next one is the ultimate favorite of horror movie fans. In Halloween websites collection here is Fangoria, an online portal that is dedicated to horror culture. A website that is designed to capture the horror fans with ghostly stories and real-life tales. Interviews with stars of horror movie characters. Here you will find a book and comic, game and toy, movie reviews, mixtapes and a lot more.

Real Life Ghost stories

Want some real-life ghost stories, here is your chance to get some inspiration. People who have had paranormal experiences of any kind are encouraged to share them without fear of being judged. Real Ghost Stories can be the soundtrack of your Halloween party if you want to frighten your guests to death.


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