There is no one way to start an online business. Today, most of the employees left their job and opted for online business and are being highly successful. However, this doesn’t stop here – nearly all the businesses are moving online. So if you’re willing to start a new business online, you need to be self-aware of which skills you need to put online in order to succeed.

But hey now for the thinking part. What type of online business should you start? Easy answer. Sell your knowledge, skill, or your passion. Put your knowledge into an eBook and sell that online. Alternatively, you can sell your craft on eBay, Etsy or even on Shopify. As per a report in the year 2016 Etsy sales alone reached up to $669.7 million — an increase of more than $100 million from 2015.

3 keys to starting your own business

Now if you are feeling just like how I felt 5 years from now, disappointed, broken, or suicidal, this blog is for you. In this blog, I will highlight 5 businesses that you can start today or tomorrow if you have a party tonight at your home.

  • Sell your knowledge

When Gary V started his first online business WineLibrary he was not sure what he should expect from the business. Off course he needed money, but his primary focus was to sell his passion. To educate people regarding the different quality of vines that are available in the market. Well, how did that turn out? Pretty good actually. He took the business from zero to a million dollar venture.

You can do the same. Every person is born with a special talent. A talent in which you are gifted more than others. Like for me, it is writing, so I started a page MindfulNerd and sharing my insights about life (this is not my business, it is a hobby) but yes I often get freelance orders based upon my writing skills which I show on the page. For you, it can be something else. You can start a blog about cooking and share your recipes there. You can even start your cooking classes online.

  • Sell your craft

This might seem similar to business one but it is not. In this, you will sell something you create. Etsy is a wonderful resource to start with. If you are good at pot making, register on Etsy and start selling. If you are good at decorating start now. If you love to design cards, set up an account on Shopify and start selling your talent.

With a minimum commission, you can sell your craft across the globe. If you don’t know how to use these tools. Google them and YouTube them. People are already selling their craft online, so why not you?

  • Start Drop Shipping

Firstly, what is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is both a sourcing a fulfillment business model where the retailer (you) never actually own the inventory you’re selling. Instead, you’re acting as a middle man that sells the goods on your own website and when you receive an order, you pass that order onto the drop shipping company for them to pick, pack and fulfill. Your profit is the difference between what you charge your customers on your website and what the drop shipping company charges you.

A great example is of AliExpress. Launched in the back year 2010, AliExpress is selling Chinese goods all across the globe. You can do the same for stores in your region. Go have a meeting with them and be the middle man to sell their goods across your vicinity.

  • Affiliate marketing

This is the simplest form of business which you can start from today and earn without going towards any hassle. Pick a product of a company and start promoting it on your blog or social media platforms. With each sale, you will get a commission on that product. But I would suggest that, pick only those products that you have tried. Just giving reviews for the sake of sale is ethically wrong.

Approach companies and ask them for a sample product. If the product is a good to review that and market as much as you can. If the product is not good, well, go for another brand.

  • Start selling DIY projects

This can include blueprints, construction designs, home decor designs or even custom made t-shirts. There are tons of DIY projects. YouTube them. Start with yourself and improve your craft every day. There is a great market for original ideas. You can start your business today and you will start earning from tomorrow. In this again Etsy is a great resource. Sign up there and get your things going.

To conclude it all. Doing business online is the ultimate model of success in the coming era. No matter how good you are earning in your 9/5/ job, if you don’t have your own business setup, you will be frustrated soon and you will regret everything in life.

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