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7 Eye-opening trends that will shape Mobile App industry in 2017

Gartner is a recent report predicts more than 268 billion downloads will generate $77 billion worth of revenue in the year 2017. For brands, apps will be the primary vehicle to engage and reach out to customers globally in the year 2017.

As for today, apps are no more developed just for smartphones; but for wearable devices, smart cars and connected homes. With iPhone apps escalating over 2.5 billion downloads last year, there is an enormous amount of Android app download too. To survive the apocalypse, mobile app development companies are reassessing their priorities. Moving to the year 2017 there are some new trends which made quite a noise. In this blog, I would like to highlight some of the trends which will shape the mobile app industry in the coming year.

  • Rise of Location Based Service (LBS)

With the ease of GPRS service, users can access the latest happenings in their whereabouts via location-based services. What your friend is having for lunch? Alternatively, if you want to catch your friends having dinner without you, location based service will just do that right for you.

Several businesses are putting lbs to good use by doing indoor mapping, offering deals, location-based payments and security to make hassle-free instant payments. Leading tech giants have done vigorous purchases in lbs space. Meanwhile, Beacon technology is growing at an exponential rate.

  • Augmented reality integration in utility apps

Apps that use augmented reality have long labeled as a promotion gimmick. However, over time greater number of companies are using AR for more useful tasks. AR tools are now being used more efficiently and productively than ever before. In this context, if someone sends you a text or a video with some catchphrase, an actionable item just pops up with the related app. Moreover, upon recognizing the word ‘cap,’ taxi service just pops up to offer some discount on your next ride. Moreover, for the word ‘Meeting’ Google calendar reminds us of the coming attractions for the day.

  • Andriod Instant Apps are globally appreciated

For the love of apps, Google came up with a convenient solution to the problem. Users now, don’t have to install any app to use them. Instant Apps let you enjoy the apps with just a tap. Super fast speed with dazzling interface makes it even more significant for enterprises to step into Instant Apps. No need to wait for a download or to kill your memory for installing a new app, Instant Apps are on the go apps with enough functionality for users to love them and applaud for them.

  • Embedding AI Apps within apps became the new trend to follow

What it feels like to experience the colors of an app change by your moods. Developers now are integrating more AI functionality into the app; the industry is shifting the norms to follow the herd. Self-learning apps are now in demand by the users themselves. Apps that customize user interfaces and provide location-based services. Also known as Neural Networks, such services shift from data centers to everyday services like camera, phones, and even IoT-enabled devices.

  • App securities more critical than ever

With the rise of ethical hacking security of a smartphone has become more important than ever because of the sensitivity of user data which can be accessed once breached. Surprisingly, a large number of people still don’t take mobile security to a thread which is a serious problem itself. Apps with built-in security features need to prioritized for maximum usage.

Additionally, coding done on Apple’s iOS shifted from Objective-C to Apple’s own Swift. More developers are moving adopting the change as it provides better user experience and great features.

On the concluding note providing the user, a quality and smooth experience is the key for all apps to succeed, especially in 2017. Design skills and customer experience have become the top most priority for app developers and remain at the heart of any trends that follow.

Chris Stone

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