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7 Website Design Ideas you can steal like an artist without being caught

Since the year 2016, designers have been tinkering around with UX design. There have been changes in the way website designers design app and websites. In the year 2017, website designers came up with personalized designs to save their users some time.

Here, we give you seven website ideas which can fuel you with inspiration and help you create better websites to impress your clients and customers and get the best buck for your money:

  • Robby Leonardi Studio

In an era of digital disruption, Robby Leonardi found a way to get hired as a graphic designer. His website is his portfolio. You can flaunt your brand achievements in this way. Trendy retro style inspired by the ’80s and 90’s photography. On a first glance, it looks like a Mario game.

Moreover, when you move forward, you realize that this man is a genius. Just check out the typography, the fonts, and how the images are blending together seamlessly with the character. Everything comes together so well.

  • CatScarf

The cat is the epitome of fanciness, faithfulness, and cuteness. Moreover, when you land on this homepage, you feel yourself brimming over with the same sentiments. The visual appeal of this page is impeccable. Thanks to sharp graphics, CatScarf took minimalism to a whole other level. The hero image dominating the top of the page basks in the limelight and instantly catches the eye. Scroll down, and you’ll see that each of the products is aligned beautifully in a transparent grid. This gives our eyes a pleasing effect and if you hover over an item, you can delve deeper in its product details page. I think every ecommerce owner should take inspiration from this website.

  • New Acton

Are you hackneyed with the old static design? Why not take a dose of inspiration from graphic designers and illustrators who are doing great work already? You can take some inspiration from New Acton. It is simplicity at its best. Not much content, just amazing animation that will keep you engaged. The sidebar incorporates many categories. Click on any type, and you’ll see relevant animation playing at the entrance. Just a cool way to grab the attention of a new user.

  • GC watches

Time is an essential commodity. If you don’t want your customers to leave without buying anything, the best way is to show the products in a straight-forward manner. GC Watches is one of those website ideas which will force you to simplify your ecommerce store. The oversized typography makes for better readability. The crystal-clear photos, the high-definition zoom for every watch will entice every watch aficionado. The simplicity of this website makes it a perfect website design ideas that will generate sales.

  • Big Commerce

For anyone who has no idea how to show their services seamlessly, Big Commerce is the perfect example. A simple tagline that communicates what the business is all about . The packages are in front. Regardless of the size of your business, you will be presented with several categories which will let you choose from the favorite list of industries. Case studies, testimonials and the use of images to steal the attention of customers and show them what the brand is offering, makes this website steal the limelight.

  • Howard Yount

A potent trio – An exuberant background, a colossal title, and clear message right in the front. If your user is not a competitor of Howard Yount, there is no reason for them not to be impressed with such a direct approach. Customers love companies that give them offerings without letting customers dig deep in the sub-pages. The overall design of the website is simple yet impactful.

  • Take What You Can Carry

A not to miss website in cool website design ideas. The entire website seems to be floating in the air, allowing so much room for free space. Just check the alignment of words. The design by Matt Porterfield makes it necessary to take some inspiration from this design which blends vertical and horizontal text with perfect alignment.

Closing Thoughts

We’ve been trying to curate the best of seven cool website designs for you. As you would know, a website that is unattractive or poorly constructed harms your business more than helps it. Stay abreast of industry trends and follow all the CRO principles to create the best website design for your business. Assess the efficiency of your website design based on the number of visitors, bounce rate, and conversions.

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