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8 Habits of Extraordinarily Victorious Billionaires

Were you born poor and think there is no way you can climb the ladder to the millionaire list?

There is hope, 68% of the 2013 Forbes 400 billionaire list are considered self-made billionaires.

What are some of the other habits that they have?

They are big calorie counters

Another study found that most wealthy people limit alcoholic consumption and keep junk food snacks to just 300 calories per day.

The person that conducted the study, CPA Tom Corley, said “Wealthy people are healthy people. To wealthy people being healthy is about making more money. If they’re healthy they have fewer sick days, they’re exercising, they have more energy, they maintain healthy their entire lives so they can work longer careers.”

For five years Corley studied the routines of the rich and the poor, tracking more than 200 activities of 233 wealthy people and 128 people living in poverty.

They also get things done right away rather than putting them off. The rich are goal-oriented and like accomplishing things.

According to Corley, roughly 67% of the wealthy put their goals into writing, while only 17% of the poor make this a habit.

Approximately 81% of the wealthy he researched maintain a daily to-do list, while less than 1% of the poor create such lists.

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