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8 Things you should consider before starting an eCommerce website

Starting an eCommerce website is easy, but staying above sea is hard. Here are some tips which will be beneficial to you, if you’re planning to start an eCommerce website.

  1. What problem are you willing to solve?

Start with the solution in mind and work your way up. What problem are you willing to solve? And how can you solve it better than your competitors? This simple tip can skyrocket your sales right from day one.

Find ways in which you can solve the problem in simplest of the way and put that solution on your website.

  1. What is your target market personality?

Take out a sheet of paper and jot down the traits of personality you are willing to target. Now align these values with your product offerings. How can you add these characters to your brand personality, with which customer can relate and feel important? Use the 80/20 rule to target your best customers first. I might sound a little rude but leave the energy drainers as they are.

No matter how hard you try to you cannot entertain all the customers from your target market. So best is to target the ones that will love your brand for who you are.

  1. What Price are you offering?

No matter what they told in your business school but trust me customers will leave you for the high price even if you are offering a solid product. So, your goal is to price your item just enough to get into the league with your competitors.

Once customers start trusting you with your product quality, they will be willing to pay whatever you ask them. But keep in mind that your product/service is worth remembering.

  1. What hosting service are you using?

At an average customer only spend 10-20 seconds on a new website. And in that period if the client doesn’t get what he is looking for, you are doomed. The speed of your website depend on what digital marketing company you use or if you are hosting it yourself, what hosting service are you using?

Many digital marketing services these days are doing well. Google out digital marketing company, and you’ll check the best-rated websites. Before going with the service do read reviews, what people are saying about that particular digital agency service.

  1. Who will handle the customer service?

Research shows that 78% of consumers have bailed on a transaction or not made an intended purchase because of a poor service experience. Customer service is the most vital step when going online. If your customer don’t get instant replay he will move on to the other dozen websites who are giving good customer service.

One of the best things I admire about customer service is customers provide real-time feedback. And this feedback sets the tone for your business. Firstly, appreciate the client who is giving the feedback, secondly resolve the issue on the spot or give them time frame in which problem will be resolved.

  1. Don’t force your users to create an account before they can buy.

Don’t get in the rush to collect email address from your customers. Ask only when they are willing to buy from you. First, let them experience your site. Let them explore the products you are offering, let them get a taste of service you’re offering. And then let them chose to but from you.

Just like Amazon, you can popup perks for placing an order with your website. Give them the instant gratification to buy from you. Finally, monitor from Google Analytics what made them tick. And for your future reference go for the offering they desire.

  1. Don’t Miss Out on Accepting Payments

Payment is one the most critical factor when it comes to eCommerce buying. Most of the customer leave just because they didn’t found their desired payment option on your website. As mentioned above when you go to your target market, do some research on what modes of payment your customers prefer?

For payment methods look for a secured way in which customers feel safe to pay online. PayPal is no doubt of the most secured payment gateway. 2Checkout is also a good option.

  1. Make your checkout experience fool-proof

No matter what your competitors are doing make sure you use a fool proof check-out experience. As shown by funnels in Google Analytics, the majority of customers leave the site if the check-out system is not working in proper order. Witness the one step check-out system developed by Amazon, experience the smooth flow.

Best is to develop your cart system which is easy to use and does the job well. Built a shopping cart which can easily be used from the smartphone too.

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