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Amazon Spark: Another Jewel Added to Jeff Bezos’ Crown

Warren Buffett predicted it early on and we think we he was spot on. Jeff Bezos is no ordinary Entrepreneur. With more than 1,263 patent from the genius, Jeff has launched another weapon to steal the competitions night sleep. Say hello to Spark!

“Whether you’re looking for inspiration for home décor or seeking advice for the best long-distance running shoes, Spark makes it easy to discover — and shop — stories and ideas from a community that likes what you like,” Amazon said in an introduction to the service.

Since the inception of Amazon, all the focus was on providing customers the ability to select products based on their likes and dislikes. Even before Facebook launched the Like button, Amazon was in the mood to understand what customers want and created lists that are relevant to the customers. This same technology is then used to create Spark.

With Spark, Amazon makes it easier to shop for desirable products you see in photos. Amazon Spark organizes photos in an Instagram fashion. Where users can like, comment and share their favorite products. But apart from just sharing products, Amazon took one step ahead and with Amazon Spark, you can purchase your favorite products too.

The retailer has been quietly testing Amazon Spark in beta for a few months before today’s launch to consumers in the U.S. The goal of the new program is to shift some of the social activity around products taking place off-site back to Amazon, where product inspiration can translate directly into purchases with a click of a button.

In this way, Amazon Spark could be seen as something of a Pinterest competitor, as well, but the actual format for the service is a feed-style interface – which is why the comparison with Instagram seems fair.

To get started with Amazon Spark, you have to use the Amazon mobile app, as the feature is not designed for desktop use at this time.

The one catch though is that you need to be a prime member of Amazon in order to try Amazon Spark. If you want to post on Spark you need to set up an account by choosing five or more of your interests. The topics range from “books” to “tv-series” to “pets”. Once you get the username (if you already have an Amazon account your current username will be your Spark username by default). Spark will then fill your timeline with posts from other users. You can simply like them, share them and purchase them if you love the product.

Spark theoretically provides Amazon users with a way to find new things to buy. Its feed features influencers and publishers (some of which are getting paid) to put up posts that feature products in some way or another. Spark doesn’t ask you to follow people; it asks you to follow topics, then, Spark shows you pictures of products that align with your ‘interests.’

Well, of course, I am not an expert. Only time will tell. But for me Amazon Spark is one grand product that will surely put Jeff on number one spot in billionaire’s list. A guy is an inspiration and surely a true example of ‘how Entrepreneur think and work’ If you really want to know how Jeff Bezos think I would suggest go read The Everything Store by Brad Stone. Coming back to Amazon Spark, for now, it is only available on iOS. Soon expected to create waves on Android too.

Scenes From A Thrilling Afternoon On Amazon’s New Social Network, Spark

Here are some of the amazing things people are purchasing from Amazon Spark, Courtesy by

Shoppable images aren’t as widespread on Instagram either—unless you follow a lot of retail brands, you likely won’t see a lot of images with the shopping bag icon. On Amazon Spark, everything is integrated back to Amazon’s shopping experience, creating a seamless way to browse photos and shop at the same time. Amazon Spark will likely never become as big as Instagram in terms of a social network, but it could be useful for folks who often want to buy things they see on social media and want an easier way to do so.

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