Andy Rubin, “The Father of Android Operating System” has left Google in 2014, and launched his own startup incubator named Playground Global.

Recently, the new Essential Phone came out which is designed by Playground Global company. While showing off the major specifications of the phone, Andy Rubin explained the viewpoint of his unique startup incubator.

Playground Global has an amazing structure, we are venture capital organization combined with a creative design studio, just like IDEO combined with a Kleiner Perkins.”

Rubin gave the example of renowned Silicon Valley design firm and venture capital firms to explicate his statement.


Incubators offers a wide working space for many startups to build their products. They repeatedly offer an opportunity for entrepreneurs for funding and guiding from highly experienced business founders and professionals. Moreover, they occasionally perform administrative tasks like human resources functions.

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But in Rubin’s point of view, Playground Global is entirely different. Besides offering funding startups and giving them place to work, the firm also provides them with a highly-experienced team of engineers along with a highly-advanced prototyping and testing equipment to help businesses develop unique and innovative products.

Playground has an inhouse team of 60 engineers and they have skills in a variety of fields, including software, hardware and electrical engineering. When our incubator invests in a startup, the team of engineers work with the startup’s team and helps them in every difficult step.   

“If truth be told, Playground serves as an accelerant, it greatly helps businesses develop their products faster”. Rubin said.

When a startup launches out of Playground, the incubator’s team of engineers and designers works side-by-side with them. Ultimately, those engineers and designers may make their way back to the incubator.

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“There is more potential, we haven’t taken an action yet, but there is more potential they can reutilize back. It keeps happening and happening”. Andy Rubin said.

Essential, a startup that deals with consumer electronics backed by Playground, just released its smartphone, that is a real example of how the process actually works. The team of 18 experts built the company’s core technology, and out of them, many came from Playground. Rubin added.

consumer electronics backed

Along with a highly-skilled team of engineers and designers, Playground also gives startups a bright opportunity to work with a collection of highly-advanced and technology oriented equipment. The lab is basically serves as a paradise for startups that has 3D printers, computer-controlled laser cutters and milling machines and a band saw.

Moreover, Playground has some environmental spaces that can be used to individual machine to a variety of climatic conditions, high-speed and thermal imaging cameras, spectrum analyzers, enterprise-grade camera testing gear, oscilloscopes and much more.

playground global hq palo alto

Since Playground has every advanced level equipment in-house, it’s a great benefit for its startups as they don’t need to buy or rent it on their own for their product development. That makes it clear that the capital is efficiently used when Playground invests in such startups.

Playground back companies on the basis of some factors. Rubin said they evaluate startups’ potential on the basis of the skills of its own engineers and executives. Like any other tech investor, Playground also examines startups’ founding members, technology they are using and the market they are targeting. This process is pattern matching.

But when it comes to incubator – Playground’s unique model startup, it looks for companies that are looking to build products that Playground’s team of engineers and designers wants to build based on their own experiences and expertise.

That is a totally different type of pattern matching technique that we are exclusively qualified to look at. Rubin further added.


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