Apple might be able to get all the attention from its devotees, but in the bone-shattering battle between iPhone & Android, Android remains the world’s biggest operating system. While iPhone is the ultimate swank, Andriod is the people pleaser which is seen everywhere. This is because the flexibility it provides for responsiveness on every size, shape & spec. With the scalability of Android apps on the ChromeOS, it opened the gateway to gadgets like trackpads, pens, keyboards and who knows what else. Despite the complexity, Android managed to infiltrate in your cars, and now even in your faces.

Google recently released a few bites about the next version of Android, which arrives later this year & is known for now as Android O (Not that I am musing, but Android Oreo? Alternatively, Android Orange slices? Now, this is getting way out of control.) Not a word from the amazingly cool new feature like Assistant, but O offers enhancements that appear designed to help developers build an app for the entire Android system.

Better battery life

Finally a phone with better battery life. This was the most common concern of Android users. With new background limits, ensuring that there are automatic limits on apps running in the background. This feature enables the smartphone users to save much battery. These types of changes will also make it easier for developers to make apps that have the least effect on user’s phone & battery.

Picture on Picture

Such a refreshing change for Android users. The new feature allows users to use certain apps over the other apps. So, now you will be able to watch a YouTube video while booking your cab on Uber or to write a grocery list at the same time. For this to work, all you need is to select appss to run in PiP mode

Adaptive Icons

Users will be able to create adaptive icons which will ensure better integration with the device interface. The adaptive icons mean that the icons will be displayed in various shapes, according to the mask chosen by the device. Google said that the OS also animates interactions with the icons, which can be used in Settings, shortcuts, as well as on the overview screen.

Neat notifications

Notification channels have been announced on Android O. This feature produces new app groupings for notifications. Under this recent feature on Android O, users will be able to block or transform how the elements function individually. There will be no requirement to manage every app notification together. The new Andriod OS has also included new visuals and groups for the notifications. All of this essentially means that the notifications tab will look much neater now.

Wireless audio sound

Wireless audio, till now has not been a breeze on smartphones, but now Android O supports high-quality Bluetooth audio codecs such as LDAC codec, which will give sound a boost. There are more features introduced for the audio on the smartphone, but this is the most interesting one since wireless sounds from smartphones are something which has not been explored well, till now.


Keyboard navigation

Android O has announced better keyboard provision for improved navigation between apps. Google  its blog said that it is “focused on building a more reliable, predictable model for ‘Arrow’ and ‘tab’ navigation” for users.”

More colours

Another recent feature which will make phones’ display even improved. The new-fangled feature will bounce the display screens a broader range of colors. With extensive color gamut (WCG) support, the smartphones will perceive apps more colors and lingos. Videos and images will also get high-pitched and crisper.

Google won’t formally launch Android O until the I/O conference in May. Count on more features to come. Google timed this result mostly to get devs thinking and planning, and perhaps even start tinkering (Google calls it a “canary” release, which is only slightly too ominous). It provides another clear indication that Android is much more than a wildly popular mobile operating system. Google clearly considers it the everything operating system, one capable of powering your phone, your TV, your car, your tablet, your computer, your watch, your lights. Until now, Android has been an excellent phone OS haphazardly tacked onto everything else. Google hopes to make it a single platform that works and looks right, no matter what you’re looking at. It’s getting there, one adaptive icon at a time.

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  • Victoria lucy

    I love my Macbook Pro and the iPad I use at work.

    • Josh Davidson

      Thank you for your feedback. Well, for me, I am a Android fan!!! So my vote for Android O 😉

    • Josh Davidson

      Sounds great. But I am an Android devotee!! 😉

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