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Android Vs iOS: Which is better?

There is no clear cut answer as to which OS is better. A lot of factors come into play–your own taste and needs are very important here.

In general, Android offers a much more versatile, customizable experience. Home-screens are virtually infinitely customizable, and any task you can think of can be automated via Tasker (which, arguably, unlocks the true power of Android). Flawless and deep integration with Google is another plus (no pun intended!), and this element of Android is indispensable for those that rely on Google for their email/calendar/navigation needs. Android is what enables you to have dual-screen phones like the YotaPhone 2; its principles are “freedom” based.

If you’re a mobile app developer, no matter new or old, this question might bug you a lot. Android Vs iOS both have pros and cons, and this blog will help you to take the right decision. However, there are two perspectives which are kept in consideration while writing the blog: Either you’re developing app as a hobby, or you want to make money by making Apps. Whatever the reason might be, I would suggest reading the blog till the end.

Distribution and Promotion

Till date iPhone has better distribution mechanism in app store than Android. Apple surely has a uniform and simple user experience. Assuming your app hits the top 20 categories or Apple feature your app, it gets a lot of traction.

But soon this will be over. The Android marketplace just got better, and I am sure Google will put all its efforts on user experience. In the start Android was faced with poor user experience issues but as time passed Google worked hard to overcome it.

Approval Process

Apple has a complicated approval process which takes 5-7 days for initial approval and each subsequent update. To maintain quality and streamline Apps this is a great approach, but for developers, it’s quite frustrating to move through all these processes. If you are doing something that can start a debate (Age-restricted material), then it’s best to leave Apple for now.

With Android, there is no such restriction. You can make an App and Google will happily approve your app within 4-5 days.


Apple uses iTunes to take payments from users. So every user must have an iTunes account. On the other hand, Android uses Google Wallet to make payments. Apple has a better framework for making payments.

As per my suggestion, Apple wins the race when going for paid apps. I have heard developers making large money out of Apple store while developers are having difficulty making money out of Google app.

As for monetization with ads, you still require a lot of downloads and ad impressions to make decent money. Therefore it really just goes back to distribution and promotion question (see above). I believe there are real ad networks you can leverage for both platforms (AdMob for iOS/Android, iAd for iPhone, etc.).

Bottom line

In short, Android will give you an environment to try anything and do some really awesome things, as there is no limit to what you can customize and create. Take a look at any app development company, and they will suggest you go for Android as it has better customization options. iOS is a much better platform if you’re looking to make money, as it has much more support for making the user’s experience seamless when making purchasing decisions, as well as having a much larger application store, but at the cost of having to follow strict guidelines on what an app is allowed to do.

Let me say this again in one last way, this is something that I have been saying about Android vs iOS since the days of Froyo and is less true today that it was then, but I still stick with it: With iOS, you ask what your device can do and you stick with that, with Android, you ask yourself what you want to happen, then find out how Android can do it. Bottom line, iOS is a powerful tool, if you want to do what it wants to do, Android is a powerful tool no matter what you want to do.

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