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Win Over your eCommerce visitors with these utterly beautiful website design elements

Once upon a time, when I was little. I used to admire this one pen. I cannot point out what exactly did I love about the pen. Was it the flow of the writing? Was it the grip of the pen? But now I know what was it.

It was the design of the pen. Yes, the design which I still have in my memory. People might forget the words you had on your website, people might even forget the images they saw, but one thing they won’t forget is the experience they had on your website.

Certainly, there are things that keep people engaged with your website. Most of the professional website design agencies have cracked the code for this. And now it is time for you to do the same.

Let us first consider some basic tips.

What Makes are These Ecommerce Website Designs Engaging?

Quality product photos – Product photography is one thing that can help you engage more users than the design layout. Avoid using stock photos. Use real-life photos that is either actual humans or photos that are taken by professional photographers.

Easy Navigation – It is not just about organizing the photos and text, a great website is a combination of photos, text, and how it is organized on the website. How customers feel while visiting your website. Can we find what they’re looking for? Are they facing issues while browsing the website?

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Promotional messages – Nothing strikes a user more than a persuasive text. An email, a greeting message, or a pop-up sign. Try out anything that resonates with your user. Check the response of each action item and see how customers are taking everything.

Killer Content – You can persuade the user by the design, you can even persuade the user by product photos, but one thing you must-do is to use killer content to grab the attention of the user. Use engaging taglines and cutting-edge vocabulary can take your website on the next level.

Captivating Demos

One of the ways to improve usability of the website is to use product photos that can help the visitors relate their problems with their problems

You can even use videos or 360-degree views & image zoom that put users in charge of the interface of the website.

The aim of the store should be to create an experience. For instance, in a store, users can pick up the item and feel it in their hands. Providing images of every side of the product as well as a close-up view helps to provide a more tangible experience. Customers can view the product up close and personal.

Use Emotions to force action

The logo, the color, the image, and all the piece of content of your website will evoke an emotion among the visitor.

What you need is, to use that spike to force an action for the user.

Remember, humans, want an emotionally authentic experience online. So (just as on Bold and Noble in the section above), set the mood of your brand with a unique style and match it with your tone, which can be conversational, humorous, cheeky, or whatever will further create that emotional connection between you and your customers.

And, this is a good place to remind you that you must really know your audience to know how to create authentic emotions.

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As a shoe retailer, this brand sets itself apart by using a bold tone of voice. They aren’t shy in making sure their customers know that their shoes are made by renowned craftsmen, but they also keep it short and simple and conversational. This tone of cool confidence provides its customers with a base of trust, especially with the human-like voice. And they keep the same tone of voice with every aspect of the site: feedback, suggestions, explanations, and more.

Create a Seamless Experience

When I was starting out my venture for an ecommerce website, I visited around 300+ websites. Tried and tested every single one of it.

What was I looking for? A seamless experience. Finally, I got one from a website. And next, I went to an ecommerce website solution agency to create my website.

Why is it important for the developers or the owners to create a seamless experience?

Because the users are fed-up with the conventional ways of browsing the website.

Now the customer’s trust is established upon the retailer experience that is given the customers.

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If the customers see the same look, again and again, they will lose track attention and nothing will be the same. You need to create an experience that will force the user to stick to the design.

Make the user fall in love with the experience.  Don’t try to make a complex design, just make a simple one that can catch the attention of the user.

One prime example is of Zappos. What I love about the Zappos is the possibilities for fine-tuning the experience to my own preferences, so that I can shop on mobile, the website, or in the store exactly how I want.

Social Sharing Options

One of the best ways to provide a powerful human experience through online retail shopping is to include a social feed that creates a bandwagon effect. Everyone is talking about your online store, so it must be great – an experience that we just can’t miss!

Social media has become a huge part of our daily lives and ingrained in the human experience for a great many people.

Those sponsored Facebook ads, sponsored Tweets, promoted Pinterest pins, and even the YouTube video ads are all an important part of making a connection with customers, promoting expression, and providing that human experience.

Making that connection between the website and social media can be further enhanced with some simple design tweaks. The Eden website places social media icons in the header of their website for easy access. This not only gives customers more than one option for staying in touch but also reinforces the legitimacy of the brand in the mind of new customers.


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