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6 Best Learning Apps for your Kids

No, they’re not a waste of time. Not the good ones, anyway. Used thoughtfully, and as a complement to physical books, good reading & learning apps for kids can help kids learn to read and practice reading. And they’re convenient for busy families who want to encourage reading engagement on the go.

“The advantage of using a device for reading is that it easily fits into modern families’ busy schedules so kids can read anywhere,” explains Beth Chang of iGameMom

There are many apps out there, but to filter them out is a challenge. We cut through the noise to find you the best learning apps for your kids.


Cactac Studio presents Tap20 – an amazing number puzzle game that will exercise the minds of the little ones. Numbers from 1-20 are all jumbled up, aim of game is to tap in the right order within the designated time. Your kid have to be really fast to keep up with this brain-teaser for the time reduces as you go up the levels.

One tap on the wrong number and you’re out! As the kid try to dominate in this mind-boggler, it will help improve your focus and quick-decision making skills, a great way of putting your mind to a mental workout – all of this in just 1 game.

Math Climber HD

Helping your kids practice math facts is a must do to improve their math fluency. To engage and stimulate your kids have a look at – Math Climber HD by John Crandall – A fun math adventure game designed by a math teacher that will engage and stimulate your kids learning. It’s a great math app perfect for all primary and elementary school students.

Home KG

An app to get your kids a perfect start in their educational lives. Home KG – an exciting, fun, free learning app exclusively designed to help preschoolers and elementary school students write numbers and letters along with a package full of entertainment. It is simply the best learning tool for Preschoolers!

The easy and fun features of Home KG simply make it one of the best learning apps for your children. Get your hands on this free educational app and give your toddlers a head start of school education in a fun way.

Dino Tim

Dino Tim to the rescue! A group of silly witches has kidnapped Tim’s family. In this fast-paced game app, children (ages 3-6) capture stars and shapes that they bring to the good witch, so she can make a potion that will turn the witches into harmless animals and free the dinosaurs.

Home Maths

Home Maths is an amazing free educational app, presented by Cactac Studios to improve the overall mathematics ability of kids. The math learning app will take your children’s foundational arithmetic skills to the next level. Home Maths I helps students practice basic math skills and build their math fluency. It is perfect for children aged between 3 to 8 years, helping them to get benefit from this early literacy tool. The app can also be said as preschool teacher as it is perfect for math tutoring, home math learning, homeschooling and a lot more.

Time Table Galaxy

Times Table Galaxy harnesses the inborn competitive nature in children and channels it into memorizing multiplication facts. Using a galactic theme, the app reinforces the familiar number patterns that children already know and helps build speed and accuracy.

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