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Build your First Mobile App in 12 Simple Steps

A mobile app is simply a program that is run on mobile and hand-held devices. There are hundreds of thousands of apps available on two of the most popular stores online, that is, Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. All over the world, app developers and graphic designers work hand in hand to create new and improved apps laced with unique features to attract the attention of smartphone users worldwide.

Creating and developing a mobile from the scratch is a very detailed process. There are certain steps and factors which an app developer needs to take care of in order to come with an app which is flawless. Aspiring app developers not having any experience in creating a mobile app can feel lost in thinking where to start and how to create an app that can win over the heart of the end users.

This Infographic guide comprises of 12 steps that are needed to build your very first app right from the scratch. I have tried to make it as simple and straightforward keeping in mind the basic problems faced by first time developers.

Mobile App in 12 Simple Steps

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