iPhone users are probably ingrained to their Siri for its voice-powered assistant, seeing it how well it is integrated with iOS. While Cortana is busy learning the neighborhood, Google’s digital assistant cannot tell a joke, and apparently, Siri has a thing for the metric system.

Those are just a few things that I noticed after staging a face-to-face interaction with the three leading digital assistants. Apple Siri started in a peculiar manner, Google does okay with personification, but Microsoft took a sharp turn and refined it for iPhone. Now, the real question is why Microsoft felt the need to so so? Well, here I will try my level best to pinpoint some reasons on this blog.

First things first

Firstly the basic question which is ‘What is different?’

Cortana earned some points with its speaking weather report. Google & Siri each show a screen image that lists the current weather conditions.

“It is certainly nice to see that Microsoft has not totally lost faith in Cortana on iOS and Android. However, it was difficult to imagine the new update having much of an effect on Cortana’s overall popularity,” DigitalTrends.com

US tech forefather has finally thought of beefing up their Cortana app. The new update features revamped user interface which is surely an edge to iPhone’s Siri experience.

iPhone is always appreciated for his high-end simplicity, well not anymore. Cortana came up with a responsive & faster load time. With a little delay in iPhone’s Siri app, Microsoft Cortana assistant starts listening immediately after opening, allowing commands to take place right after they are spoken.

Still Not satisfied, here is some more….

The new Cortana have improved calling, texting features, and most amazing thing is they all show up in full-screen mode. The home screen is also equipped with the weather, traffic and nearby locations. Furthermore, if you do not feel like speaking go with the quick actions option from bottom-left to get your favorite things-to-go on the go.

What do you need to know?

Microsoft initially revealed first Cortana update in December, bringing it to Andriod shortly. However, good news is, now, it is also updated for iOS App store. So hurray for iOS fans to get something better than Siri. Well, if you don’t use it how will you know it.

To conclude it all.

While iPhone Vs Andriod war is still on, Microsoft came up with a fresh update on Cortana which will surely give Apple a hard time. All the three services are excellent on technical terms. Siri’s programmers have the best sense of humor. Google is more focused on the task at hand. Moreover, Cortana is quickly catching up with both of them. Moreover, finally to tell you the truth this healthy competition is providing users variants that are good for everyone. So what is your favourite pick among three of them?


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