Website designing is a tedious process. Sometimes it could take the app owner and the web designers a little overboard through the technical shifts that a website design may experience throughout its design process. However, if you answer the following questions prior embarking on a website design process, chances are that you will spare yourself and the web designer the difficulties that may otherwise arise.

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What is your realistic budget for the website design?

The realistic budget for the website design process goes beyond the design and development process. When it comes to building a website, it is not the design and development cost that is involved, but there are a range of other ongoing costs that the owner needs to incur. These costs are web hosting cost, trouble shooting, web security and the feature inclusion cost etc.

So if we club these costs under heads, then we will get two major head. Design and development cost and Ongoing or maintenance costs. If you do not have the kind of financial resources that could allow you to invest a handful of dollars, probably every month, then a CMS website design would be the appropriate solution for your requirement.

So, before intending to start your website design process, do make your mind on how much are you willing to invest in this process.

How to want the management of your site?

By management I meant that do you want to take control of your website’s work? Because if you do, you will have to hire a full time designer and developer or probably contact a professional website development service.

Hiring freelancers could be a pocket friendly solution for you, but bear in mind that free lancers do not always do what they are told. Since you and the freelancers is not in constant touch, let alone the design process is not informed, they tend to miss-out on elements which may require revisions and will consume a considerable amount of time. For even a custom CMS web design, it always doesn’t go as serene as planned. Here is what you might have to face down the line:

  • Since CMS website designs are the game of plugins to be precise, you might face some difficulty in the functionality of any plugin that you install. Sometimes there are technical reasons for it, which the novice business owner/web developer cannot understand and things get nasty.
  • Your CMS website design may also have a difficult to navigate website design for your consumer. Easy web navigation holds considerable importance when it comes to the overall success of the website, and if it lacks this usability, attracting traffic and generating leads could become a tardy.

So, ask yourself if you require full control of your website coding without knowing how to code exactly? Or is it ok if you hire a professional service for the job?

What features are you intending to see?

Website owners typically require everything in their websites. Starting from brilliant imagery, to intuitive design and all sorts of glamor gimmicks in it, which is again not a possibility. Today, website designing is not all about creating beauty on the canvas, but actually website design process is a technical game whose success also depend on other elements. Elements like search engine friendliness that allow the website to rank faster on search engines along with quick load time that involves coding techniques, that makes the website design leaner so that it loads completely within the set time of mere 7 seconds by the search engines.

So you need to decide on the best things that your website should receive and may have to cut the not-so-required features from it, to make it leaner and more pleasantly functional. And this is not the full-stop here. You can always opt for an upgrade or even include things in it later on.

What about the hosting and other technical aspects?

Elements such as hosting your website, monitoring, updating your platform (if CMS) and ensuring seamless functions can become a big deal for a novice business owner. Web owners haven’t experienced enough back then to consider this question before setting up their CMC based website, and ended up with a lot more technical work to manage than they could bargain for.

Managing the technical elements is again a preference that the business owner has to opt for. It’s not as simple as drag and drop and voila. Our sincere advice to business owners, who are not tech-savvy and especially to entrepreneurs to settle with a professional web service, who will not only make the entire process easy but also manageable along with keeping the overall cost at floor.

You see website design process with a professional service may look elongated at first, however as you proceed, you will feel that you made the better choice by opting for it. Take my word for it!



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