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Here’s What Marketers Can Do to Stay Ahead of the Pack and Create a Powerful Marketing Strategy

Create a Powerful Marketing Strategy

Okay… do you remember when was the last time you intentionally clicked on the banner ad? And what was the sole reason behind it?

There are a ton of spammy, horrible ads floating around because they are being presented with no value and lacked context, and eventually, many of us think they are untrustworthy.

More than 60% of banner ads are clicked accidentally. While only 9% of them are viewed for more than 1 second.

Despite knowing the statistics and click rate, every day marketers come up with latest banner ad ideas. Or more irritating, autopay video. And the reason is simple!

Marketers always struggle hard to increase sales and generate more and more website traffic using marketing techniques such as content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, webinars, influencer marketing, video marketing or any other technique that can boost their bottom line.

But modern consumers are more intelligent than ever before, they sense these techniques and easily get irritated by belligerent ads. But sadly, marketers aimlessly selling banners ads despite knowing the fact that consumers won’t click purposefully on those banner ads.

In 1994, Joe McCambley was created the first banner ad for AT&T and it disseminate very quickly. The banner-ad pioneer, McCambley said in his article for Harvard Business Review.

“Banner ads didn’t always suck. I should know. I helped create the first one.

My children tell me that’s like inventing smallpox”.

To prevent this digital disease, many browsers such as Safari launched a feature that disables cross-site cookie tracking, whereas Google Chrome is soon launching its built-in ad blockers for its users.

In March 2017, SmartInsights reported that across all ad formats and placements, the ad click-through-rate is only 0.05%.

Online marketers are unable to increase digital revenue and the amount of traffic through banner ads selling. But they can improve their sales and conversions rate by effectively using digital marketing channels.

Here are some tips and tricks for marketers that help them to improve their marketing strategy and increase their digital revenue.

Improve the Speed of Your Mobile Website

Well, it’s no wonder if your website is slow or takes forever to load, no one bothers to stay on it. And if no one stays on your website, no one is purchasing any product from your website. Improving your website speed must be a high priority. If you will improve your website speed especially on mobile by 30%, chances are you will grow your mobile revenue by 25X.

Improve Your Customer Acquisition Strategy

Stop investing your time, energy and money on low intent or irrelevant customers. Instead, focus your efforts in determining the right customers who are actually willing to spend consistently. These are the best customers on which marketers should be investing their time and efforts and drive them to your websites.  

Embrace the Power of Behavioral Email

Sending the same email out to your prospect list, regardless of their interests won’t help your customers. It will only increase the unsubscribe rate. So, if you are aimlessly sending your emails to your prospects without knowing their pain points and interests, and emailing at a 0.3% unsubscribe rate, then in near future you are simply not going to have anyone left to send a newsletter or email.  

Instead, start focusing on sending behavioral emails. In behavior emails, you can send the most relevant and to-the-point message to targeted group of people based on their interests, and actions they are actually taking in real-time. This include, shopping behavior, cart abandonment ratio, sending messages on their devices and realizing the fact that it takes at least four to five visits for a new user to purchase for the first time from your website.

Discover New Revenue Generating Tactics

Revenue Generating Tactics

Let’s face it, consumer-based marketing is the future. Brands are not marketing to cookies anymore, they are marketing to real people. So, the first step you can take to generate revenue, is to identify who is actually visiting your website and observe what they are doing when they stay at your website.

Online marketers who accept changes and prefer consumer-centric approach are able to generate more revenue across all the existing digital marketing channels. By smartly using these channels, marketers can attract the right customers using the right strategy.  

Key Takeaways

The digital landscape is changing, marketers need to stay ahead of the curve by using smart tactics and marketing strategy. You can generate the best ROI by solving customers’ pain areas with valuable information, outstanding customer experience and incentives.

No matter the type of marketing channel you are using, the rules are the same. Identify your audience, know their interests and pain areas, create thing they’ll love and then measure your marketing impact.

Chris Stone

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