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Instagram Shoppable Posts – The Next Big Wave of E-commerce

Instagram has been the most powerful and effective platforms for visual storytellers for years because of its main focus on appealing photography, mesmerizing cinemagraphy, and striking videography. The whopping number of the app’s user base makes Instagram a result-driven and attractive platform for merchants to showcase and sell their products.

Instagram shopping was first made possible last year when the social media network launched Instagram shoppable posts; an integration feature that makes it easier to tag and sell products directly from organic Instagram posts. Now consumers can go from inspiration to information to purchase in a matter of a few clicks in a completely organic way.

Instagram users can buy their favorite items by simply tapping on a link and purchasing it from the seller’s online store without leaving the app. With Instagram shoppable posts, brands have a tremendous opportunity to connect with their potential customers by quickly providing them with all the relevant information, such as product description, pricing, relevant or matching items and more with a single click without having to switch between apps.

If you haven’t taken advantage of Instagram shopping yet, now’s the time to create Instagram shoppable posts and start generating more revenue.

Why Create Instagram Shoppable Posts?

Instagram shoppable posts make it easier for brands to sell their products with minimal effort and provide a convenient way for consumers to make a purchase. With Instagram shoppable posts, brands and retailers can tag products in organic posts, allowing consumers to tap on the product to find out the desired information. Adding shopping tags can further promote your brand, while allowing you to invest more in sponsored posts that will eventually bring more and more users.

Instagram shopping offers a seamless experience for users who want complete information about products. This feature gives users an easy way to buy the product without having to leave the app. Instagram shopping allows users to delve deeper in products from the brands they love and follow. Making your posts shoppable make it extremely convenient for consumers to know more about what they are looking at and complete their buying journey.

This is indeed a huge deal for retailers and ecommerce brands that sell products online. As it allows businesses to easily connect their potential customers with the products they sell while streamlining the Instagram buying journey.

Instagram buying journey

How Does Instagram Shopping Work?

Instagram shopping is based on a tagging option but instead of people, only brands will be able to tag products. Users can see the name and price of the product. By clicking on the tag, users will be taken to a more detailed page where they can find complete product details, similar products, and other shoppable posts. If a user clicks on the Shop Now button, they will be directed to that specific product on the business website.

Why is Instagram Shopping a Great Option for Small Businesses?

Previously, Instagram allowed brands to incorporate only one hyperlink in bio and snubbed at the inclusion of external links in posts. Thanks to Instagram shopping, it has become a breeze for users to purchase the exact item that they are looking at, rather than being directed to a link in bio to peruse through the site and content with the hassle of unearthing what had caught their fancy on Instagram.

By leveraging on this Instagram feature more strategically, you can boost your chances of getting more conversions, and eventually sales. But it will only be possible when you have a massive, engaged follower base. You can create a huge following on Instagram and foster authentic connections with your cliques by keeping up a constant stream of engaging posts and user-generated content. People who trust your brand and feel connected to you are more likely to make a purchase from you.

Post Visually Alluring Photos

Keep in mind that Instagram is a visual platform. You won’t be able to nurture an authentic connection with your followers if your images appear unprofessional, run-of-the-mill, or unappealing. You will also fail to reel in your audience with blurry, cluttered, low-res and dark images that fail to elucidate your products in the best possible light. If you really want to sell your products on Instagram, it is advised to inspire your audience and narrate your brand story with real, catchy and professionally captured images, which are enticing enough to coax the users into a purcahse.

Post Visually Alluring Photos

Instead of simply posting lackadaisical images of your products, inspire your audience with real ideas using items that you sell in your store. For instance, if you sell silk scarfs, why not post creative pictures of ways in which your product can be tied up or turned into a makeshift top perhaps. Tell them an inspirational story with your products which may encourage your followers to make a purchase.

Over to You

Brands should take advantage of Instagram shopping as the convenience of not having to leave the app encourages many shoppers to make instant purchases. Since people spend a lot of time on Instagram, brands and retailers have tremendous opportunities to promote and sell their products by creating an influx of Instagram shoppable posts. They have made it easier for consumers to make purchases on Instagram with a few clicks. Add shoppable posts in your Instagram marketing strategy and increase your chances of soliciting more conversions, leads, and in turn, revenue.

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