They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Consider this, you are all excited about this event that is happening in your hometown. You get all dressed up and arrive at the venue. Sadly, your friends seem to have ditched you and there is no one you recognize at the event. But, suddenly, a girl approaches you and asks, “Tell me about yourself” and despite all your claims of confidence, you freeze over, and tactfully drag yourself out of the conversation, evading the one question you might never have found the perfect answer to!

Well unless you’re Jeff Bezos or Larry Page, you need a solid introduction to impress people. And if you’re an Entrepreneur who is just starting his business or already have a well-established business to your name, you need to have an engaging “About Us” page, since it acts as the surrogate face of your business, the explanation of what you stand for and who you are. Since the “About us” page of your website often acts as an introduction, a preliminary handshake, I would venture to say that it is pretty important to get right!

Unfortunately, the “About Us” page is the most underrated page and people usually don’t give that much of a thought when creating one. But here are 10 “About Us” tips to outclass your competition:

  • Mention Brand Values

Your “About us” page shouldn’t just be a corporate resume. The idea is to grab the attention of your visitors by listing the brand values in the most engaging manner. You ought to strive to explain your values, describe you are, and why the service or product you offer is important to you. When you do this, it will help people connect with your brand personality, find the similarities between your brand and their habits, and trust your brand in turn.

For instance, Yellow Leaf Hammocks tries to educate their visitors about how the hammocks they create serve to empower their artisans and their families. They clearly define how they are different from their competitors by saying, “Not a charity. This is the basis for a brighter future, built on a hand up, not a handout.

Mention Brand Values

  • Keep it simple

When I was in business school, my course instructor gave us an assignment to create a sample About Us page for our virtual company. At that time, I created an exhaustive page (2000 words to be more specific). And yes, it was a total hit.

When I graduated, however, I took up the idea and launched my company with the same protracted About Us page. The first few months, people didn’t even bother to stay on my About Us page even for a few seconds. I trimmed down the text, and voila! We were dominating the digital space. When creating an About Us page, the best approach is to keep it succinct and to the point, and use simple words to communicate your message across.

Check out the “About Us” page of I Shot Him. No, wait. No need to call 911; this is not an ammunition selling company. Nor does it hire assassins to do the job for you. This is a creative design studio at San Francisco that is nailing the“About Us” page with simplicity.

Instead of glorifying their services, they have kept it simple.Designing for good causes and good people.

Keep it simple

  • Handcrafted Art

What if you wake up tomorrow and receive a hand-crafted birthday wish card from a friend who lives far away? Wouldn’t that be great? How will you feel? Emotional right! This is because it is not just the handwork that matters, it is the love that your friend has put on the card.

Same goes for brands. You can use hand-crafted products to describe what your brand does for a living. For instance, if you check out the About Us page of Made brand. This brand took a totally different approach when it comes to telling what they really do. Just brilliant! Not to mention, the hand-lettering and hand-sketched graphics imbue the page with a humanized feel, not just a brand out there to milk you dry of your hard earned bills.

Handcrafted Art

  • Story based timeline

I know what you might be thinking. Storytelling is best reserved for marketing and blogging and an “About Us” page is supposed to take up a paragraph text style. But no, if you want to grab that piece of market share you need to stand out from your competitors. For that, you can use a story based timeline to tell the story of your brand visually.

Just like Moz, you can create a timeline that is engaging, interesting, and personal, using a clean and fun design that incorporates little graphics, concise blurbs, and clear headers to break up the text. Tell the users all that you have gone through in a story based fashion, and let them in on your milestones and achievements.

  • Use the element of Fun

Comedy can exist in new forms. Technology can be more fun. Homepage copy can be annoyingly vague. This is the landing page you get when you visit Cultivated wit website. Cool, isn’t it!

No matter how bad your day is going, this intro will surely perk it up. Leveraging the element of humor/fun in your company About Us page makes it appear more human and resonate with your audience. After all, people find it much easier to trust companies that are fun-loving and adventurous.

Use the element of Fun

  • Use Social Proof

Do you know that MailChimp is used by more than 6 million users worldwide? Even I didn’t know it before I visited their About Us page. This means that people are sending, receiving, and tracking thousands of emails every day.

Even if people don’t know how to use Mail Chimp, people will be impressed by the fact that millions of users are already using it. If you want to gain immediate trust among potential customers, you can use social proof in your company About Us page. Use numbers that will help users decide whether to go to your website or not.

about MailChimp

  • Be the Nerd

Some consider nerds as over-excessively-hyper guys who love technology. For others, Nerds are guys who solve your tech problems. On the other hand, Nerdery believes that nerds are passionate people who love to solve problems.They have leveraged this fact to tell people how excited they are about being a bunch of nerds. Look how “The Nerdary” has used their About Us page to gain attention by focusing at the core of who they are.

Be the Nerd

  • Be Creative

Your About Us Page is not just about filling the white space with text so that your potential customers and investors see something on the website. You can be creative yet simple on your About Us page. This Quebec based game studio infuses a bucket load of creativity to grab the attention of their users.

  • Make it memorable and lovable

It is not just about telling people what your company does, it is also about touching the hearts of your customers. If you can make your About Us page memorable and lovable, people will remember what you do and share it with other people. When you succeed in creating lovable marketing, you launch a movement of brand advocates and evangelists who will help you grow.

Bulldog Skincare managed to do just that. Check out this amazing and loving About Us page. Instead of simply typing out a couple of paragraphs detailing what the company does or where they came from, the brand chose to center their About us page around the purpose of the products:  to Prevent customers from becoming ” wrinkly old beasts.” Their colorful, pithy About Us page leads with an adorable mug featuring a bulldog. They have also injected humor and personality in their brand by playing on words.

  • Show them something worth talking about

One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words, according to Forrester Research’s Dr. James McQuivey. Simply telling people what you do doesn’t always cut the bill; you need to show them to let them get a feel for what you do.When audio and visuals are combined with a really riveting story, you can capitalize on multimedia to narrate your brand story in creative ways.

For instance, Doomtree is where a bunch of talented artists, each boasting a solo thriving career, occasionally come together to create great music. The brand is built on an unconventional concept backed by an even more amazing story. The brand tells its prime visitors a story in a way that makes them immediately feel something. That’s how you create a memorable, lovable marketing strategy.

What about you?

So, there you have it. It is believed that when all is said and done, it is usually what is left behind that makes all the difference. When telling people what you do, make sure you find that sweet spot where customers need to connect with your brand values. If you are not able to craft that perfect About Us page, let us know. We can do it for you.


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