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Five Different Content Types Modern Day B2B Marketers Should Know Their Way Around

The B2B market is highly dependent on how interactively you network with your customers without putting yourself in front of them. When we talk about B2B, your business becomes the communicator on your behalf. As a matter of fact, here, you are not only entertaining a customer by offering them the pertinent service they are looking for, but you are also explaining to your client who you are and how exactly you can help them realize their business goals.

It’s a misconception that the more content you procure, the more successful your product will be. The success of your product is more likely dependent on how effectively you articulate your business message to your audience. Irrespective of your industry and the drive behind your campaigns, content can lead to successful demand generation if it is crafted the right way. Just as every other tool you are using to market your product becomes the engine that moves your business, content works as the fuel that powers up those engines.

But do you really know which kind of content works best for your B2B business and pushes it into the limelight?

Let’s find out.


Five Different Content Types and How They Can Enhance Your B2B Business Value

Each year, the Content Marketing Institute conducts a survey involving all B2C and B2B marketing agencies, in order to learn what works best for their businesses. They scrutinize myriad areas of those businesses, including how content is fabricated for their products. When analyzed in the B2B sphere, it was identified that content varies from industry to industry.

When asked what type of content fits best for any industry, the prevalent answer is, “It depends” because there is no one-size-fits-all approach to creating content.

Here are some of the common content types and how they can turn into a success for your business.



Who isn’t seeking qualified leads, but do you know what exactly coaxes your clients into paying up for what you have to offer? It all depends on how you are reaching out to them. How many times as an entrepreneur have you turned that small camera on and recorded a live session, touting the many merits of what you have to sell for anybody who would listen?

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Webinars

If you strategize your webinars the right way, you can easily achieve two things. You can set an astounding example of thought leadership, in addition to providing insights on the viability of your product or service. A webinar that is composed with precision and is regularly iterated until it meets the borderline of perfection, is one that sees the daylight of successful execution. If crafted right, a webinar is one of the most powerful content types which you can use to enlighten your customers vis-à-vis about your offerings.


Blogs & Articles

While there is a lot of talk about how blogs and articles are failing in the website world, I would like to bring this to the attention of our audiences that don’t go buying off information from every other influencer. Every industry is different and therefore, the blogs and articles published on these platforms have a different exposure. Blogs and articles are dependent on how actively you perform SEO on your content and what channels are you using to market them.

Gerelateerde afbeelding

If the digital team you are working with is not capable of cracking that myth, then this content type can transform into a complete failure for your business. Elsewise, you can successfully market your product through.


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White Papers

This content type usually works best for industries offering products and services that are a bit complex in design and functionalities. Even more tragic is if you aren’t capable of clearing the confusions of your customers on what problems they can encounter while moving in your specific industry. Nothing serves the purpose more effectively than a well-explanatory and authentically crafted white paper.

Gerelateerde afbeelding

An effective white paper is capable of addressing the problems faced by your consumers and communicates how your product or service can help them resolve it. It can further clear the complexities of the product to a customer and bring them on the same page, so they can easily resolve that problem. Although eBooks can readily fulfill the purpose incredibly, if you are moving in the B2B industry, a White Paper can become a strong content type to go global with your business.



What better than to communicate with your customers than with a design that incorporates appealing visual elements to inform your clients and customers? Infographics are your way into that industry. But, not all infographics can communicate the right idea and impinge it on to the minds of your audiences.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Infographics

If you are going to ask any B2B marketer, “what is the best way to lead a conversation for lead generation?” you will hear back only one answer, and that is: “start your conversations with strong insights to back up your proposition.” Infographics is a content type that communicates such insights successfully.

However, the market has now become quite saturated and you can see every other website publishing an infographic every now and then. If you want to stand a head and shoulder above the crowd, the only way forward is to create something that mesmerizes your audience.


Case Studies

If one thing can convince a customer hanging indecisively on the edge of your website to make a purchase, it is a solid proof that your product or service had previously worked for others. Case studies can help you communicate that value with your audience using a wide array of content elements. You can publish a blog that discusses how you helped an organization with their business practices. You can communicate your values through an audiobook or a video book, or you can launch a pdf and send it as emails.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Case Studies

It all bubbles down to one thing: how much and to what extent are you willing to put your previous works profoundly in front of the audience, in order to gain their positive consent?


Wrapping it Up

In the online world, there isn’t one single way through which a company can bust the myths of marketing. If you want to bring your business in front of your audience, you need to think-out-of-the-box and reach them. The only way to shed some spotlight on your product is if you leverage the power of different content types to promote your business value.

While the above discussed content types are a great source to get people talking about your business, they are certainly not limited to those mentioned. You can run email campaigns, or you can create podcasts and launch them. You can craft lucrative advertisements and push them out on various social media platforms or you can guest post about your services on other people’s website; the path to success goes down a hundred ways.

It all depends on which one you take. With that said, I am signing off for the day… Until next time.

Ashad Rehman

Ashad is a Senior Content Producer at Branex Marketing, an experienced writer in the field of web design & digital marketing.

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