These days, people prefer to use Facebook Messenger to interact with brands. With more than 65 million companies active on Facebook, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Approximately 80% of these brands use messaging platforms to reach Facebook 1.2 billion monthly active users.

When Messenger unlocked its hidden potential to mobile developers in 2016, 78% of users were still uninformed that chatbots even existed. But this year some latest features for Facebook Messenger 2.0 platform were released that are specifically designed to scale up the business and bot of its service.

Facebook Messenger Platform 2.0 has advanced features such as Discover Tab, Chat Extensions and M Suggestions – are all designed to help brands gain maximum visibility and reach a wider audience.

Rise of Messenger Bots

Messaging with brands is all the rage, with more than 2 billion messages sent between people and brands, including automated conversations every month. If truth be told, Facebook Messenger serves as an integral part of business solutions as it offers business some great ways to communicate with potential customers, and offer excellent customer service.

Chatbots on Messenger that were initially faced a shaky rollout, are now effectively becoming more productive in assisting brands to increase revenue and improve overall business productivity.

Messenger can be an important part for B2C business world, as it offers more than 65 million active brands on its platform an efficient and seamless communication platform to reach more than 1.2 billion monthly active users.  

Bots are clearly the next big thing in the customer focused business world, taking over the mantle from apps. It’s interesting to observe a new wave rising and helping brands to maximize this great opportunity.

There are many businesses that have find success and a significant rise in sales by embracing the power of Facebook Messenger.


Sephora observed an 11% raise in booking orders with the help of its Messenger bot called
Sephora Reservation Assistant bot. The brand wanted to increase in-store client appointments by providing an easy and interesting option to book makeovers. Their bot also increased in-store sales while enabling clients to reserve an in-store appointment in a matter of minutes. The brand also reported an increase in-store sales and observes an average spend of more than $50 from clients who have reserved an in-store service through its Messenger bot.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger
Tommy Hilfiger is another business that boosted 3.5X more sales through Messenger compared to any other digital network during Fashion Week in NYC. This fashion empire brilliantly used a bot to help people make their orders straight from the runway during the Fashion Week. More than 60,000 messages had been sent on the platform through this amazing experience, with an amazing 87% return rate.


snaptravelSnapTravel is another brand that made approximately $1 million in hotel bookings within a year with its Facebook Messenger bot. Customers can easily message SnapTravel’s messenger bot to find different hotels and reserve a booking. All you need to message a bot with your travel details and budget. The bot will immediately respond with so many options to choose from.

SnapTravel is connected to a number of online travel agents and can easily find the best possible rates available in the local market.

Latest Features, More Value

Implementing Messenger into the world of business communications is the main focus of Facebook. Recently Messenger 2.0 update unleashed many latest features such as Chat Extensions, Smart Replies, M suggestions and Discover Tab. These new features are tailormade to help businesses gain brand credibility and reach a wider audience through the combined automated and human chat experience in seamless way.

These tools will help Facebook to improve its presence and credilbity on the bot platform, which already has 100,000 bot developers who have developed 100,000 active Messenger platforms.

As more and more bots continue to be developed, more and more brands are sure to see a significant boost in sales and business efficiency.  

With more than 1.2 billion monthly active users on Facebook Messenger, it’s quite easy to see the more value brands can gain by having a Messenger bot. Businesses are now capable of reaching the entire Facebook audience.  And the new features of Facebook Messenger 2.0 greatly improved the customer user experience potential.


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