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Few Web Design Techniques That Improves User Engagement

The first impression that a website projects on its online visitor is of its design. Beautiful website designs tend to attract more visitors than that of websites that lack the beauty of design in them. But this initial good impression lasts for a very short span of time. Beautiful website designs that fail to impress online visitors due to the lack of usability in them, fails miserably on the totality of retaining a user’s interest.

The question that arise here is that how is it possible for website designers to create designs that not only look beautiful but also bear the capability to attract the user’s attention and retain it. Let’s have a look at some ways of web designing that can improve user engagement:

First impression counts, always

Everyday your website is visited by a myriad of online visitors. Being a professional website design company, your main aim should be to first explain what is your website is all about. After explaining them about your business, you need to motivate them to act and after the motivation is done you need to lure them by take the action desired by you.

If someone lands on your web app and doesn’t understand how to sign up right away, that’s a huge problem. It should be obvious to the user what your site does and how they can be a part of it.

Make use of hero images

A popular trend among the website designers is the usage of hero images. Hero images are basically used for responsive websites. it’s a page-fit size image with few headlines to draw the customer’s attention. Being a website designer you need to be sure that the hero image suits perfectly to the look and feel of your website. The need to capture the visitor’s attention is getting extremely important in the fiercely competitive times of today, therefore the smart use of hero images will at least pause your reader for a while and can provide a go ahead to your reader to continue with checking out the rest of the web page.

Parallax scrolling effect

Parallax scrolling effect is a good concept that has the advantage of storytelling. Parallax effects are commonly used to assemble products right in front of the web visitor’s eyes as they scroll down the page in an artistic and intuitive way. Parallax scrolling due to its aesthetic creativity totally takes up the users and completely absorbs their attention.

Include CTA buttons strategically

Effective CTA buttons and banners can pull incremental business to your business website. When coupled with striking graphics and colors CTAs have known to perform miraculously on business websites. for a CTA its always about size, color and placement, so make your choices wisely.

Keep the design strong

Landing pages are the premium version of website designs. Since they are there to attract leads, therefore their design is always the best in terms of visuals, content and other elements. Your business website design should by every means be at par with the design level of a landing page. Your website is there for primarily the same purpose and you must keep a strict look out to how it is being designed.

Add social media widgets

Social Widgets increase traffic and user-engagement on your website. They have the capacity to gather new customers or expand newly created communities by allowing users to connect with them on social media like Facebook and Twitter to bring more referring visitors.

Did you know Dropbox has spent very little on advertising? They’ve implemented many growth hacks. For example, one growth hack is to incentivize some of your current users to refer others. This incentive may come in the form of company swag or a free month of your service.

Responsive is the in-thing

Make it easier for users to interact with your site on a smartphone. Things like using a font size that is legible on small screens, or making it possible for them to call you with a single click, go a long way towards improving user experience.

Final word

the above mentioned website design techniques are the important ones to follow but are only the few among many. To receive a detailed walk through of a business can engage in an efficient and effective website design process, get in touch with a professional website design agency to learn more.

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