Q: What is the worst nightmare for any digital marketing expert?

Ans: To wake up one morning and find that your website rank dropped from 5th position to 5th page.

Well, unless you have a support of a professional digital marketing agency, you will soon face this problem. Because Google is about to update their algorithm again.

A twitter update from @iSubhamBapna made his worst nightmare a living reality.

To which @JohnMu (John Mueller) replied

There is a discussion going on Webmasterworld forums which revealed some soul-shattering shift in search ranking of various users:

RedBar: 9:49 am on Sept 6, 2017

“Something’s just gone through the image results and Google’s best friends are now dominating this SERP in my widget industry.

An image I have that has been #1 for years has been whacked to #10, guess who’s the favorite now?

Awesome Google, freakin’ awesome!

“Furthermore checking some more image results I have found for one search that one company has 44 out of the top 50 positions including 1 through 19 where I appear at #20.

The actual original company supply for this product does not appear until #41, we both used to be #1 and 2.

And also, guess what, the page and image are absolutely STUFFED with keywords. farcical.”

Martin Ice Web: 10:52 am on Sept 6, 2017

“Whatever they did but today we have a drop of 50% right now with bounce at 99%.”

Awarn: 10:46 on Sept 6, 2017

“I’m more than 50%, closer to 75%!”

 Shaddows: 10:59 am on Sept 6, 2017

“We had a horrific morning at 50% down, but it’s back to normal for the last hour.”

For now, there is just a chatter going on. Google is reverting to some previous algorithm or rolling out to something new, it is sure, not clear for now.

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Of course, anything is not confirmed unless Google confirms it. But for Google, it might be a typical line that “We keep updating our algorithms.” And move on.

But a professional digital marketing agency needs to take precaution bare hand. Keep an eye on the top stories that are going on Google Blogs. Make sure you keep visiting the blog and see if anything is accounted by Google.

On your end, however, you can take some precautions and avoid any form of black hat SEO techniques if you’re using any.

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Staying on top of the game is the key component of effective SEO. If you do not take the necessary precaution you could easily find your ranking suddenly dropping without any warning.

For most businesses, they find that partnering with a reliable SEO service providing agency makes perfect sense. They don’t have to get bogged down in the world of search engine mystique and can spend quality time running and managing their business.

So, it is up to you. Either to do something about it or to wake up one day like Subham Bapna and curse yourself.


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