Human beings are the greatest of creations from GOD, not because they can walk, talk & have fun but because they have the ability to observe, learn, and imitate. All the geniuses understood the fact that human brain consists of unlimited potential. Moreover, to use that potential at its optimum level only way out is to evolve. What is evolution? To some it is Darwin’s theory, for me, it is growth. Moreover, if you are not growing in this technological era, you will be left behind.

I  consider Google as a synonym of Evolution. Since its creation, the company is constantly evolving. Yesterday morning also Google came up with another update that is awesome. With a single tap, you can access all your app with an easy-to-use shortcut. As mentioned on their blog, Google redesigned its iOS & Android search application, which now includes tappable shortcuts to your personal interest and moreover to weather, sports, food & drink, entertainment & much more. The idea here is to give the user a different way to explore Google, instead of voice entry or search query this is a pretty amazing alternate.

Tamar Yehoshua, VP Product Management mentioned in the blog

“The Google search box is great when you are looking for an accurate answer, but there are also moments when you just want to catch up on the latest for topics of interest.”

The shortcuts in the update appear at the top of Google application or mobile site just below the search box. For example, some shortcuts can notify you of weather, take you to sports page or entertainment news, where you can also catch up with scores on different matches, watch movie trailers, read reviews, see what is playing near you and more.

These shortcuts appear at the top of the Google app or mobile website just below the search option.

On the go updates just from a single tap. With shortcuts appearing on the home screen, you now have access to deeper experiences across food & drink, sports, entertainment. Need to know what’s the rating of your favorite book? Is it raining in the farm house you are planning to visit? Looking forward to the new tv show or wanted to know who’s nominated for best actor in this year’s Oscar.

For Andriod users, there is some additive advantage – translate, nearby attractions, flight booking, internet speed test, currency converter on the go, and more. Moreover, if you are looking for fun, there are shortcuts like tic-tac-toe, connect four, chess, solitaire, and my personal favorite: I am feeling curious.

Exploring shortcuts and keeping in touch with areas of interest

Although Google search box can serve you instantly on best possible way ever, there are times when you want to explore things from your personal interests.

Now with a single tap, you can access all these. From latest tv series to movies, from taking piano lessons to watching what is happening in the Himalayas. Further, you can tap into movie reviews, book reviews & launches, listen to the latest music labels & all your within your magic box.

When you are curious about how does your nearby café taste, check on Google reviews before dining in the restaurant. Juices? Sure Google can tell you if it is healthy for you or not. Explore recommendations and stay updated on the dining scene near your neighborhood. The easiest way to keep track on must-try spots near you.

Similarly in sports, whether hockey, football or basketball, now you do not need to type anything when you want to access the latest scores. Just tap into game timing, scores & team news, so you will never miss a play in your future. You can also customize the experience for the teams yo love or go against – whether it is playoffs or a regular season.

Don’t let the evil weather rain on your graduation day. Tap the weather shortcut & be prepared for the coming attractions before you even take a step outside your home. You will have access to latest updates from around the globe every time you tap – from hourly sky conditions to the predictions of rain for the following day.

To find most timely & recently used shortcuts, make sure your Google app is updated to the latest version & then look for your shortcuts right underneath the search box. You will see new shortcuts appear fro big moments & events are moving forward. Search on!

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