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Edge Graphic Design Trends for 2018

10 Cutting-Edge Graphic Design Trends for 2018 You Should be Aware of

BackgroAs 2017 comes to an end, every business has started to look forward to the graphic design trends that will stick around and make a great impact in 2018. If you are looking for inspirational and emerging graphic design trends that will make your designs stand out and wow your customers in 2018, take a look at these design trends that will take your visuals from good to hopefully awesome.

  • Geometric Shapes

Geometric design has been around for many years and it is projected to continue into 2018 with minor changes and blends. The geometric shapes will combine with other classic design elements to create something truly unique and mesmerizing. Instead of lots of cards and polygons, smoother and wavier designs are expected to be seen this year. You can incorporate patterns, lines, and circles into designs along with other geometric shapes.

  • Animations and GIFsss

Moving images such as GIFs are taking the online world by storm. An image with movement attracts more people than a static one.That’s why people are expecting to see more GIFs across their news feeds and emails. A GIF is basically made up of several images that are combined together to create a short looping visual. Not only is it interactive and absolutely riveting, a GIF conveys information much more effectively than a single image.

GIFs and animations play a key role in communicating ideas, concepts and processes while making content more engaging for users. You can take advantage of this trend and grab attention of more people to your emails, newsletters, illustrations, icons, logos and even ads.

  • Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs are either videos or animated GIFs that have components that move. They are basically still images with a repeating video loop for only a selection of the photos. Some people prefer Cinemagraphs over GIFs as they are more elegant, attractive and tell stories in a more creative way.

This is an amazing approach to design that is making a comeback and we are expected to see more of them in websites, mobile apps and social media marketing campaigns in 2018.

  • More Depth

Depth is considered a valuable tool that helps users determine visual hierarchy, input fields and calls to action on screen. Depth brings together shadows and perspective to give digital components a sense of elevation and hierarchy. Depth can fit within the developing traits of flat design by improving usability and simplicity, which are the key principles of flat design. You will also see shadows as the main component of the semi-flat design movement that are used to enhance illustrations, icons, websites, app dashboards and print designs.

  • Hand Drawn Elements

In 2017, we saw the hand-drawn illustrations riding the waves of popularity all over the graphic design world. They provide an amazing and personal touch to branding and marketing elements. And it’s not just images and sketches that are being replaced with illustrations; fonts are also following along in their wake. There are many companies that are using hand drawn fonts on apparel and website designs.

  • Bright, Popping Colors

It is one of the strongest graphic design trends for 2018. Bright colors can make a design pop. To stand out from the crowd, it is important to use loud and bright colors in your images and designs to make them visually appealing. Mix colors well so that they combine to create an eye-catching image.

  • Duotone

Another major graphic trend for 2018 is duotone compositions. The blend of two bright colors can create an absolutely mind-blowing and impactful result that can’t be unnoticed.

Spotify is a perfect example that beautifully uses vibrant and intrepid colors to enhance their images. They use a concept of duotone, which essentially employs two hues in one color to enhance the look and feel of an image.

In this poster from Women Write about Comics, the color red is being juxtaposed with an intense blue to create a visually strong image.

  • Customized Graphics

No one can deny the importance of stock photos, but it’s time to move away from this basic approach. If you use stock images, incorporate the image into graphic with relevant text. The key is to personalize the graphic as much as possible. Whether they are statistics, quotes, or industry news, you can personalize the graphics and make them relevant to your brand.

You can also use authentic pictures to display your brand personality and showcase your content. There are many companies such as Pura Vida and Daniel Wellington that have taken their brands to new heights of success by using authentic images.

  • Low Poly Designs

This hot trend that gives a design a more 3D feel is now taking over all graphic design fields. In 2018, we will see more poly designs in combination with bright colors, hand written shapes, typography and duotones to make the graphics more eye-catching, while giving thema cutting-edge look.

  • Cropping Effect

It is a type of minimalism which is characterized by cropping text so that it is still legible without incorporating any additional effort. As a modern form of minimalism, this trend will definitely appeal to those who find the bright chaotic designs attractive. If done correctly, cropping can deliver a message in a unique way.

Now it’s Your Turn

These are the hottest graphic design trends are poised to make great waves in the encroaching year.Add some contemporary flair to your designs with these biggest graphic design trends for 2018. If you want to get ahead of your competitions, it’s the right time to test and use a variety of different design elements and trends to achieve what works best for you.

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