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Stop Banging your head on the wall: Here is how you can grow your business in your sleep

You’re all excited about your new website. The website is working like a charm. You’ve installed Google Analytics on your website. Now, customers will rush to your website while you sit back, catch up on the games slouched on the couch, with a drink in hand? Wrong!

Sure, an e-commerce store provides you with an opportunity to make money while you sleep but before you sleep, you need to do some things that can keep your business rolling.

Whether you’re starting a blog, an e-commerce store, or a service, money will not come to you that easily, unless, you read this blog until the end. Alternatively, you can always spend a heavy amount of money on your marketing & sales.

Here are 6 ways you can get your new online business noticed.

  1. Stop Bragging & Start Creating Value

The clients don’t care how awesome your website is; if there is nothing of value to the visitors, they will close your website and move towards your competitor. All the marketing efforts should be directed toward solving real-life problems of people.

For instance, if you are providing e-commerce solutions, what you can do is to complete the website days before the given date. In this way, your services will outclass your competitors. You will build a reputation for being a seamless, fast-paced agency. Time is the most important commodity and if you can save the time of your audience, you have won.

Every service that you provide should be aimed towards something that the market needs or wants. And how will you benefit from it? A value will not only lead to sales, but it will help you get the word out and promote your business.

2) Why Settle for a bucket when you have an ocean?

There is a good chance that most of your followers are on Twitter while you’re wasting time on Facebook. Maybe your audience prefers to receive emails rather than updates on Facebook. There is no one way to approach your audience.

You can repurpose your content and post it on various social media platforms. For instance, if there is a how-to article on your blog, you can extract key points and make a good presentation out of it. Doing so will expand your reach and you’ll be sharing different stuff on various social media platforms.

Just because you feel that you’ve hired people to do online marketing, you can ignore your offline audience. Print advertising, public speaking, and business cards are effortless ways to get to clients and inform them about your business.

The end-goal is to reach people who are interested in your business. But not everyone will be in the same place, so you must put some extra efforts to rally people around you.

3) The Influencers Can Help

It is my habit to share blogs to gain reach. Usually, my share generates a reach of 50 people. But then one day a friend read one of my posts and shared it on his Twitter account. He is kind of a big gun. From 50 people, the reach went up the root. Around 10,000 people read the blog in a single day.

We help brands grow fast!

Yes, this is the power of influencers. If you want to reach out to more people – the best option is to reach out to influencers and request them to share or refer your services. One clever idea is to interview industry experts. The influencers will be happy to share your website and blogs. Share words of wisdom from famous influencers and tag them on social media. Thank the influencers and they might consider sharing your business with their followers.

4) Try Free Publicity

If you create good content, you can be featured by Neil Patel. Highlighting your values can help media take notice of your brand. You can send newsletters to media personals and ask them to help. A great option is to create e-books centered on trends or industry insights that can easily be picked up by media.

5) Give away something for free

People love when they win. The exhilarating feeling makes them come back for more. And to win something for free, people can share your brand to potential customers. Don’t giveaway easily. Make the customers think a little, this will force them to solicit help from their friends; in turn, inadvertently sharing your content.

Another thing you can do is to give away something when the customers buy from you. If you attach a small value-added gift with every purchase, this will greatly please the customers.

6) Be Authentic & Approachable

Transparency is a rare commodity. No brand can win big if they hide things from their customers. People of today are more in tune with the buying options that are available to them. If they find something fishy about your offering, they will switch the brand without even informing you.

This means that you need to gain the trust of your customers. Ask them what they want via email. Survey them and learn how they feel about your brand?

While these six tips take time to do and to show results, they are invaluable in building a quality brand and loyal customers.

Yousuf Rafi

A Caffeine dependent non-mainstream person trying to elevate small talk to medium talk. I know I will win, not immediately but definitely. I do most of the talking in my head. However, for other things, I prefer writing blogs.

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