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All in a Day’s work: 9 Things Highly Successful PPC managers Start their Days with

The first habit mentioned in Stephen Covey’s book is about being Proactive. It is about taking control of your situation. Regardless of how hard things get, you still draw on your inner motivation to start and finish off on-time. As they say, ‘What starts well, ends well.’

PPC managers are faced with so much pressure that sometimes they vent out their anger on those working alongside them. To maintain a safe and healthy workplace environment, it is best to follow some rituals every morning which can help PPC managers relax their mind in the daily grind and help them come up with more successful campaigns.

The aim of every campaign is to drive sales or channel traffic. If the campaign is not working out, they need to change their approach and try out something else. And the only way PPC managers can achieve this is by following the morning rituals mentioned below. Here are 9-morning to-dos which can help you become a successful manager and manage your campaigns without any losses to the company.

  1. Insert Negative Keywords

When you have a huge amount of money at stake, you cannot afford to take things lightly. Every click will cost you money. Therefore, every morning, the first thing you should do is to sort out negative keywords and remove them from your list. Normally, on average, it is seen that people lose a lot of money on junk keywords which result in harming your reputation. Early morning negations would be the perfect accruement to your cup of Joe.

2) Remove unrelated Google Display Network websites

The second ritual you need to do is to remove all the unrelated Google Display Network (GDN) websites which are costing you unsolicited dollars. Figure out if the website is bringing relevant traffic to your website or not. If not, remove it.

3) The daily ad spend

This is actually a no-brainer. When you’re spending money, you need to keep track of the budget and check what you’re spending every single day. Make the necessary adjustments daily first thing in the morning to protect yourself from incurring any surprises down the road.

4) Track the leads

How many leads did you manage to generate the previous day? Is there something you need to adjust? Branex – a PPC management agency, teams conduct a 10-min scrum in the mornings,  discussing the impact of ads and campaigns? It is a nice way to start your morning with this amazing ritual. You can count the wins and motivate the team to achieve more.

5) Get a Bird’s-eye view

If you spot any major inconsistency, simply looking back over the day won’t cut the bill; you also need to take a trip down the lane to view the bigger picture. Viewing your long-term campaign performance would help you see where the conversions started dropping off and why.

6) Follow up with the performance

Check if the campaign is working for a certain region or not. How is it making an impact on the target audience? Is the audience relevant and how can you improve the ad performance more? Analyze the performance of every ad in the morning and improve as you get some results.

7) Keep an eye on AdWords alerts

Look out for AdWords account alerts, such as negated keywords or an about to expire credit card that can be impeding traffic. While you must be tempted to overlook most silly alerts, make sure to give them a cursory glance, perhaps while setting up shop.

8) Identity the modifications

A PPC manager isn’t aware of all that conspires within an organization. You need to keep your ears and eyes open and be ready to improvise in a jiffy. Seeing major unexpected fluctuations in ad spend should indicate that something is cooking internally. For instance, if a new page is added, you need to make a PPC campaign for the page and check out the response it gets every day.

9) Prepare yourself for surprises

For newly launched campaigns and keywords, the first few days are the most crucial to survival. Do check the Google AdWords update daily so you can respond on the go.

The final thoughts

No two PPC managers can yield the same output. Every PPC manager will start their morning with a mix of rituals. The most successful managers will be the ones who’re analyzing, updating, and learning from their past experiences. But when the PPC managers have this habit of checking and updating the campaigns daily, they will not face any problem. And as for surprises, even if there is a surprise, the PPC manager will be able to handle it without creating a fuss over it.

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