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How to Enhance your Rankings in Cities Your Business Doesn’t Physically Exist

Dream for the skies and you might be able to catch some stars. Dream for your roof and you will only catch up with the switchboard. Dreaming is such an important for human being. If you don‘t dream big how can you achieve big? Same applies to your local business. If you don’t have an address in a particular city how can you get business from that city? Here are some tips that can jumpstart your business even on a local level. Follow these and help local people avail your services.

The first thing you need to consider is that when going for local organic results outside your city, you need a well-thought plan and highly relevant landing page. If you succeed in developing a solid landing page and follow the practices mentioned in this blog you will definitely be able to list your business even if you don’t have business in the city.

Start with the city page…

But, what exactly is city page?

The city page strategy is nothing new, however, it is one of the most overlooked and poorly executed tactics. Let us give out some specifics that can help you understand the importance of city pages and how to create awesome city pages.

Elements for creating a highly successful city page

Use Relevant Title Tags

Here we would suggest you create location-based tags that include your business name. For instance, is a New York based digital agency which is operating in others states too. So, for us, an ideal thing to do is to create a landing page for California State and rewrite our title as – A California-based digital agency. This will not only tell the Google spider that we are offering services in California too, it will help people in California to avail our services. We suggest creating a title of 50 – 60 characters.

attract visitors

Meta Description

One of the clichés that you hear when you go to SEO experts. But the trick is, not to stuff it with keywords. Instead, you need to write something that is compelling to the user. Something that will make them click on your website if they are looking forward to availing your service. For this, find a problem and solve that problem in your Meta description. For instance, we can help you build a website that drives traffic and convert users into potential customers.

The URL Structure

Of course, some things don’t die. And one of those things is creating a relevant URL structure. The old school theory still lasts that pick your top keyword and use that in your URL structure. For instance, if you are a web design company from UAE you can place your URL structure as City name + keyword. Here is how:

Web Design Company in UAE – www.companyname/web-design-company-in-UAE

Use H1 tags wisely

If you have an engaging content on your page, headings can increase your chances to list in Google page results faster. Pick out words that are relevant to the customer. Ask yourself, what you will look when you are willing to avail your service and use that as your heading.

Internal linking is important

This is often a great practice to link your pages internally. By linking your relevant pages with other pages you help Google organize your website for better ranking. Plus it will help your customers to understand your business and get more out of your service.

For this, you can start by linking your case studies with your relevant blogs. This will help you build trust with your audience and let Google know that you are doing something that matters.

Also keep in mind that linking from within the content of appropriate pages on your site is generally more valuable than links from your navigation or footer (although, linking from your navigation is still usually a good idea).

User-friendly navigation

One of the most important things you need to focus on is creating landing pages that give some good feelings. Try to study the city you are planning to target and use some images that are relevant to the city. Secondly, and most importantly keep the navigation as simple as possible. Do not use pages that are complex and ask to use brains of your customer. Make the pages self-sufficient. Make sure you put all the answers out there so your user doesn’t need to think ‘what to do next?’

Use Persuasive Content

No matter how great your design is, if you are not listing down some local benefits on your website, users won’t give that much if attention. You need to pick some facts about the city and include that in your content. How can your service help the locals in the city? Take this idea and build your content based on this information. This way, your content will not only be informative to your user, you will be regarded as an authority by people as swell as users.


Over 70% of Americans say they look at product reviews before making a purchase. [source]. This known as social proof can act as a catalyst to your audience. When people hear or read from people that are in the same locality, they feel comfortable doing business with you. Use the testimonials as a motivating agent to jump start your website. This will not only be a benefit to the users, it will help Google to place you in the line of local stars. You can easily be reviewed by other relevant people. And this will overall add the matter of trust in the hearts of your customers.

To bottle it all up

Listing yourself in local SEO is one of the most daunting tasks you can start, but if you follow the above-mentioned tips, you will surely start with an edge over your competitors. Use the tips above and let us know how much you have succeeded. We will love to share your story with our audience.

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