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Importance of Responsive Website Designs for Businesses

Nokia communicator, the first of its kind web friendly communication handset was introduced in 1996 and ever since then there was no looking back for mobile phone devices that became available in the market for common man that support website browsing in them. It is only after the dawn of smartphone devices that the world has shifted their interest towards a specific kind of technique that enable websites to adjust their size according to their display screen. The technique is more commonly known as responsive website design technology and only the best web design agencies in USA provides it to the clients, both locally and internationally.

The power to adjust

As we have mentioned that a responsive website design technique is one in which the website design is created on specific lines that enables it to adjust itself every time it is opened on a new smartphone device. It has the capability to adjust it display according to the size of its display device’s screen, but hold on. Responsive website designing is not as easy as it sounds. This article will highlight the need of a responsive website design for a business and its advantages.

Web traffic driver

Here are a few points to get started with According to a latest survey by Monetate, more than $37 billion were spent in online shopping through handheld devices in the year 2013-14. From the total website visits calculated it is found that American citizens use their cell phones up to 28% more to browse through the shopping websites than their desktops/laptops. Moreover, it is estimated that today, out of the total visits, 21% of the traffic comes from mobile devices on ecommerce websites.

In United States alone, more than 90% people agree to the fact that when they are close to an occasion, they are most likely to make a purchase through their mobile phones and that all of them have a mobile access 24/7 with them.

Now the above mentioned statistics shows clearly that it is inevitable for businesses to make use of the responsive website design technology but the point to ponder here is that the mobile phones come in a variety of screen sizes, which is more than 232 screen sizes, this is where responsive design technology comes in.

No need to create multiple screens

Now by the use of responsive website design technology there is no need to create multiple screen designs for each and every mobile phone device that exists on this planet, because the responsive website design technology adjusts the design according to the screen size by itself.

A world of opportunities opens up with the use of responsive website design technology. The most important advantage of the responsive design is that it adjusts itself according to the user’s browser, and not according to your server. The user’s browser automatically adjusts itself according the size of the device’s screen it’s been displayed on.

It also provides a consistent user experience among all platforms that maintains your brand’s design and personality along with communication.

Also, when you search your website which is created on responsive then Google will include your mobile website into the search results further increasing your online presence.

Final word

The above mentioned advantages of the responsive website design technology clearly state that responsive is the in and big thing in website development already. Too many brands across the globe have already switched to use of responsive websites for their customers and have gained significant gain in the lead generation process and sales. You could be one of them too! In case you are looking for a professional web design company in USA that can help you in designing a responsive website, then you must get in touch with us right now.

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