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How to increase online sales by using these 7 emotions which drive buying decisions?

“The essential difference between emotion and reason is that emotion leads to action while reason leads to conclusions.” ~Donald Calne

 Sales were dropping. The company needed some new strategy to boost sales. Dunkin Donuts came-up with a unique campaign to increase their sales in Seoul, South Korea.

Dunkin Donuts sprayed the smell of Coffee in the local buses. The spray known as ‘Flavor Radio’ squinted to the nostrils of more than 35,000 people. The effect: Sales went up 29%.

Dunkin Donuts used Atmospheric Marketing to increase their sales. A marketing strategy designed to influence the emotions of customers by making changes in the environment. With a physical store, you can enhance purchase probability by making little changes in your environment.

Do you think your local café sells better Coffee than Starbucks? Maybe. But if all your senses are doing fine, you will realize how getting Coffee from Starbucks makes you feel? It is the feeling that makes all the difference.

There are a plethora of arguments which you can present to support the fact that which of the factors persuade the customer to buy from you. But everything aside the most genuine form of sales is when customers buy with their emotions.

A lot has been written on how to increase online sales and to boost online sales is a tormenting process. Sure, a professional digital marketing agency can help you increase your online sales but if you want to keep the customers for long-haul you must study how emotions can help to pump up your online sales.

Fret not! We are not just an awesome digital marketing company, we are in the business of educating our visitors to grow, to lead, and to succeed in this world.

And therefore, we have gathered some insanely wonderful data on how to increase online sales without spending a fortune on your advertising.

Why Emotions are important?

Dale Carnegie in one of his books said, “When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion.”

A study done by Antonio Damasio – a neuroscientist concluded that ‘Emotions trump logic.’ Antonio studied people who have damaged in areas of their brain that deal with emotions. These people were not able to make even small decisions despite presenting them with various cons and pros of things.

Sheena Iyengar in her Ted talk, “How to make choosing easier”  described an experiment in her talk. In a grocery store, two booths were set up. One with 6 variety of jams and other with 24 variety of jams. The people bought 6 times as many jams from the booth with only 6 choices. Why? When there were many choices of jams, the customers felt confused and instead of buying more, they didn’t bother to buy anything from that stall.

If you are new to the business and willing to beat your competition by increasing your online sales here are 7 emotions will trigger the right nerves in your customer’s body.

  1. Fear

The visitors on your website are looking for a solution. They are worried about a problem and they fear that they will be left behind if they didn’t find a solution to their problem.

Instead of creating a false sense of fear use the power of losing to help them decide. For instance, if you don’t buy the product now, you’ll not get a 30% discount which you’re getting now.

2) Frustration

Everyone in this world is looking for an easy life. Nothing frustrates the customer more than browsing websites with a lot of nonsense content and no solution to their problem.

The solution is to talk to your customers. When you see people browsing your website for a long time, ask them what they are looking for? Ask them what their day-to-day problems are and how you can assist them. The more you talk with your customer – the better solution you can provide them.

3) Hope

Beauty brands leverage this a lot. Do you want to look younger? Are you looking for something that will make you prettier? Yes. They are selling hope for you.

Ask your visitors what their goals, ambitions, and aspirations of life are. What are their biggest pain points? Use their pain points to pierce the veil and increase your online sales.

4) Excitement

The element of surprise is a well-versed phenomenon to engage your audience. Instead of boring your audience with cliché messages, try something unique to gain their attention.

In a world of distractions be the voice instead of noise. Introduce trial versions of your product or give them sample products. Let them feel the pleasure, the excitement to get the full version of the product. Understand what makes your prospects tick and move mountains to deliver that to your customers.

5) Anger

Sometimes, when customers get past the frustrating emotion they fall into the emotion of anger. A quick decision must be made because when a customer having a war inside their minds, you can become a hero to their story.

Understand, acknowledge the position that your customers are facing. Figure out why they are angry in the first place? Channel the emotion of anger by presenting them with an easy solution to their problem.

6) Fear of missing out

This is a subset of the emotion of fear. It’s not always individual fear that drives the buying decision. Sometimes it is the fear of not living a better life just like others.

You can use case studies to show customers what they are missing. Companies use this all the time. Use research from third-party to find the pain points of your customers and take the customer on the journey of a better life.

7) The desire to be first

One of the most popular emotion to boost online sales is the desire to be first.

The first one to try the product. The first one to watch the video. The first to tell your friends about the next cool product.

Appeal the customers in a way that highlights the uniqueness of your business. What makes your business different from others and how customers will feel special when they use your product?

Over to you

“Kodak sells the film, but they don’t advertise film; they advertise memories.” ~Theodore Levitt 

If you’re successful in listing all your product benefits on your website, people might feel wow. But if you’re willing to increase your online sales, start impacting emotions!

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