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How to boost your sales on Cyber Monday?

sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Even if you are not a fan of online shopping, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are days when even a penny-pincher finds it difficult resist the temptation to spend. Two days when you allow yourself to go berserk and purge your credit card limit in a shopping frenzy.

These are the days when people spend money on gifts for their loved ones or to treat themselves. Major B2C retailers take it as an obligation to offer huge discounts in the form of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to their customers to grab their attention. Price slashing in the holiday season is a must-do activity that no B2C retailer can ignore.

While some people hate these days, for the rest of the people and the retailers these days are the happiest and most profitable days of the year.

That’s why people cannot live without offering discounts, promotions, and whatever they can offer to get business on these critical days.

But before you even start thinking about marketing campaigns for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, here are some tips that will surely add a couple of hundreds into your account.

Encouraging New Customers

Social Proof Popup: Add testimonials to the shopping cart page. When new customers see that others are buying from you, it will build trust for your brand.

Sales Popup: Display new promotions on the main page or category pages of your website.

Display Activity: When the customer sees that people are buying from the website and sales are increasing every minute, it will force them to buy from your brand.

Timebound Offers: Time is a valuable commodity. When you know that a specific discount is available for a certain period or when there will be a discount on a particular day, it will entice people to order on that day.

Discount to Specific Groups: If you are targeting a vast range of customers, it is advised that you use special discounts to target micro-segments of customers.

Retaining Old Customers

  • Exit Popups: When an old customer is about to leave the store without ordering anything, you can capture their attention by a heartfelt personal message. This might change their minds.
  • Free Shipping Bar: When customers add a product in their cart, show them how much they need to avail free shipping.
  • Countdown: An extension of the timebound offers is a countdown. You can countdown to create a sense of urgency and stimulate your customers by displaying how much time is left on Black Friday or Cyber Monday so they can plan their budget accordingly.
  • Cart Timers: If you want to eliminate cart abandonment, you can always display how much time is left before the product gets removed from the shopping cart.
  • Animated Notification: Whenever a customer switches a different tab, you can get their attention back with animated or creative notifications.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Social Media Tips

  • Combine two products: When people browse products on social media, they often seek the most discounted items. On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can combine more than one product and offer an exclusive discount.
  • Run Ads: To maximize your exposure to social media run promotions and target visitors who are not your customers yet.
  • Collaborate with other brands: Every brand offers something on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You can seek brands that provide products that can complement your brand.
  • Use the Power of Landing Pages: One prominent tactic that brands use again and again is landing pages to attract targeted customers. Make custom pages and drive the traffic on those pages to boost your sales.
  • Celebrate Discount Every day: What you can do is to pick one category from your website and offer a discount for a whole day. Choose another category and provide some more discounts. Continue a discount for an entire week.     
  • Extend your Discount: Amazing thing about the human brain is that it loves comparing things. When you compare your Black Friday & Cyber Monday discount with the previous year discount, it will be easy for the customer to choose the later as they will instantly see which one is more beneficial.
  • Launch a referral program: Do you know that a well-planned referral program can generate 3900% growth? Yes. When done right, a referral program can increase your fans and make massive sales for your business.
  • Offer Flash Sale with a Contest: When people browse social media, they often look forward to instant discounts. When you offer flash sales, it gives people a motive to take part in and avail the discount.

To Wrap it all up

Bear in mind; the holiday season is a treasure trove of opportunities to try something new with your ordinary email marketing campaigns. If not you, someone else is already trying different campaigns to succeed on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

So, grab your cup of coffee and fasten your seat to get embarked with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, with these fantastic tips. I’m sure the tips mentioned above inspire you.

Mohammad Ali

Mohammad Ali is an experienced digital marketer and a search engine marketing specialist who is currently associated with Branex, as senior digital marketer and brand strategist.