Imagine a world devoid of colors. Everything would be in a monochrome, akin to being trapped inside a black and white Television screen of yore. A sad, gloomy, murky world indeed!

Similarly, your designs will also be lifeless without colors. Colors breathe a new life into your designs. Additionally, every color has a different connotation, convey a different message, and generate a varied array of emotions. This is why it is important to choose the right colors for your designs, ones that fall in line with your overall brand personality and get the right brand message across to your customers.

Similar to the fashion industry, where style fads change faster than a girl changes clothes, the design industry is also quick to adapt to the latest color trends and bidding adieu to older ones. For a digital designer who loves delving in colors all the time, it is important to know which color trends are here to stay and which are projected to dissipate into thin air, to create stellar designs for the present and future. In fact, it is the fine line between your success and failure as a designer.

The 2018 color palette encourages a sense of playful and fun release. With an aura of distinctiveness and complexity, we find ourselves in a sanctuary of color that leads to some more dramatic and unique color mixing. Here is an infographic that highlights the seven color trends that can create the biggest splash in digital design in 2018.

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