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Infographics – 5 Elements to persuade your customer with simple fonts

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak. Just as Psychology of Colors affects the purchase decisions, simple fonts can persuade your customers to make instant buying decisions. Typography when done right can do wonders for your website. Designers use typography as a powerful element while designing a logo.

Understanding how different fonts affect the customer psychology can help in using them in apps and websites. Studying Psychology of Colors and how brands use colors in their logos is an excellent example to use bold colors which represent high reputation for the brand.

Fonts are one way for the creative digital agency to leverage over others when done in the right order. Companies hire typographers and calligraphers to design logos that impact the brand culture.  Simple logos create an enormous impact on brand sales. By using persuasive logos, companies can relate their brand personalities with the clients. Once the character matches the customer’s perception, it gets easy for businesses to make the sale.

Irresistible Web Design Elements

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