No list pertaining to the top digital marketing trends for 2018 is complete without a stolid mention of video marketing. Video marketing isn’t exactly a novel notion, but this year, it is well poised to carve a niche as an integral part of digital marketing. More and more businesses are projected to rely on this medium to promote their products and services. Considering the skyrocketing popularity of videos on the web, popular social networking websites are introducing new features tailored towards video content.

If you have not jumped on the video marketing bandwagon yet, it is time to start using video as a marketing tool because video marketing is the future of digital marketing. Period. The ubiquity of video marketing is projected to reach unprecedented heights this year and marketers are ready to take the plunge. Here is an infographic that highlights seven reasons why you must use video marketing and why it is the best thing invented since sliced bread!

Power of Video Marketing

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