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The Most Insane Business Ideas that Turned out to be Grandly Successful

most insane business ideas

Are you good at keeping a secret?

If you promise not to tell anyone I will share one with you.  

But I also know the juicy details I am about to spill here won’t stay in your stomach for long. You’ll be thrilled to experience it and share it with your friends.

After all, sharing something cool with increase your social value.

Contrary to the popular belief that a business needs marketing – one business gets more leads by keeping it a secret.

A hot dog restaurant in New York called Crif Dogs wiped out this popular belief. To an average person, it feels like an old-school phone booth. However, for people who know what is behind that hole-in-the-wall, there is much more.

Upon entering the phone booth, dial one on the rotary phone. A voice will ask you if you have a reservation at a speakeasy called Please Don’t Tell.

You won’t find any signs for Please Don’t Tell. There are no magazine ads. The entrance is a hush-hush behind a phone booth in a hot dog shop. Regardless of no marketing, PDT is booked daily to its brim.

It is highly undigestible that a bar stands out despite the presence of other bars in the vicinity. That’s because the brand takes the opposite approach.

The critics might call it an insane, stupid, and illogical business idea. However, as human beings, we are compelled to tell this secret, to gossip, and to talk about it in the crowd.

When I read about these business ideas, it gave me a strong feeling of hope. No business idea is small or stupid. It all boils down to the perspective that you provide to the end-user.

In this blog, I will be sharing some illogical business ideas that turned out to be highly successful. I don’t know about anyone else, but to me, they’re a big dose of motivation.

Hi5s with Exploding Confetti

How many of you remember that good old high-five with your friends? Do you still do it, or it is lost, forgotten somewhere in the basement along with other things. Say hello to Fiesta Five. A modern-day product to turn ordinary high5s into an unforgettable hi5. Here is the main idea. Upon giving a high five to your friend, confetti will blast from your hand. It is a reloadable tube that shoots colored confetti into the air. It’s addictive high-five on steroids. Perfectly customizable for every occasion.

Now, that’s a silly invention that is selling in high volumes. The founder explained how he created the prototype in their story page.

One Ring to Mood them All

Next in-line is a Mood Ring. The product is 100% handmade. It is just a ring with a stone in it. The only thing that a Mood Ring does is change its color. I have no idea why people love this product. However, it is selling like a hot cake on Etsy.

The ring changes color based on your mood. From Violet to Deep Purple. From bright Green to Pink and from Blue to Orange. It can be an excellent giveaway for a friend and nothing else.

This is how a Mood Ring works

Love is in the air—No, it’s on the Potato

If you want to propose your girlfriend with a brand new idea, this product idea might be the best way to do that.

PotatoParcel will write your message on a Potato and gift-box it to your loved ones.

Yes. I know this sounds absurd. However, the idea was a hit and even featured on Shark Tank. This product can be a romantic, cool, and funny gift to anyone. It can be a perfect ice-breaker for all you shy people.

Irk their Breath Away!

The following app is perfect for annoying your friends or for keeping your unwanted relatives away from your home.

Have a brilliant app idea? We can develop an award-worthy mobile app for you.

Presenting the iFart app. The app produces fake fart noises. This will annoy some people and drive some people crazy. There can be countless applications for this.

Let the Chirping Begin!

Who would’ve thought people would develop the urge to express themselves in 140 characters that too to a bunch of people whom they don’t know?

It’s just like texting on the phone, but for the web. It was super-easy to build. Still, nobody did it until 2007.

You know why? Because it never made sense!

Then why did it succeed?

The founder, Evan Williams revealed a simple reason for this at a Ted Talks event,

“When you give people easier ways to share information, more good things happen.”

Now millions of people belonging to all walks of life use Twitter for expressing their views about virtually anything.

From politicians wooing their voters to social activism.

From updates from celebrities to latest score updates from Major League Soccer.

From what’s happening in a warzone where there’s media blackout to Samsung Note 10’s design leak from famous leakster: Ice universe. Everyone loves Twitter.

Masquerade, anyone?

Are you an introvert who doesn’t like to go to parties?

If your answer is yes, Face blanket is for you. You can go to parties and meet people without revealing your real identity — a product with multiple advantages. You can sleep when others around you want to work. Specially designed breathing hole to keep your nose warm. No need to uncover your head while sleeping!

Face blanket commercial

Toilet Rolls will Guide you Home!

Next in the list is a bizarre invention looks like a standard loo roll during the day but gives off a fluorescent glow when the lights are turned off. They come handy when you’re having an outdoor adventure or when there’s a blackout in your area and you don’t have access to a flashlight.

The rolls were invented by Daniel Blackman, who works in product development for Thumbs Up, a gift company.

Netflix: The Name Says it All!

There is no one-size-fits solution to all the business problems. Every problem has its solution. Netflix started as a VHS tape rental business. People used to rent their favorite movies on VHS tape. The company was already making profits, but then the company moved to a subscriptions model. A simple, yearly signup created a cash flow that increased profits drastically.

They switched to renting out DVDs via mail that was a huge success. They would’ve gone out of business years ago had they not predicted the future of content consumption.

However, the company realized on-time that their business is not growing as it is supposed to grow, so they did the second best thing: evolve.

And that’s when the final flash of brilliance came when the company felt like starting an online streaming service. Now, Netflix is an ageless company creating its content and is a fantastic case study for any young startups.

If you have a unique business idea that would surely sell, then instead of getting stuck in limbo, you should execute it and improve/evolve it according to the customer feedback.

Most of these business ideas don’t make any sense at all. However, people are buying it. No idea is small. It’s just about believing in your idea. Sure, there are unimaginable factors that contribute to any business’s success, but there is no harm in trying everything that you can.

“We all make mistakes, have struggles, and even regret things in our past. However, you are not your mistakes, you are not your struggles, and you are here NOW with the power to shape your day and your future.” ~Steve Maraboli

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