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The Battle For Maximum Users Rages On: Instagram Stories Surpasses Snapchat

Instagram Stories Surpasses

Make the last move and takeover, looks like the current motto of Facebook and its related companies. Recently, the news surfaced that Instagram, that is owned by Facebook now has hit 200 million active daily users, surpassing the last count of 161 million Snapchat users. The growth mainly is the direct derivative of Instagram stories. Instagram stories launched in August 2016, hit 100 million active daily users in October 2016 and 150 million in January 2017. With the trend we could predict that the growth is slowing down. Meanwhile, Instagram was found busy in copying even Snapchat’s most technically sound and advance features along with a series of updates for both iOS and Android.

Exactly a year ago, Snapchat released augmented reality stickers which are known as the 3D stickers and they can stick to objects in videos and will stay there and grow or shrink in size with the parent object itself. Just recently, Instagram also launched a similar feature that is called “Pinning.” Pinning is for stickers and text both, and comes with an added improvement of a video timeline for moving back and forth to see where an object be Pinned and how will it look like?

When talking to a representative from Branex, a professional mobile application development agency in the United States, Instagram official told that they are relying on ‘fairly standard region tracking technology’ and they launched this feature because they could see the usage of videos increasing among their users and that they wanted to find a way to mix personality with the moments being captured.

Today, Instagram also have its signature version of Snapchat’s Scissors feature that was launched in December last year. This feature was created to cut-away part of an image and turning it into a sticker and then pasting it wherever you like. Moreover, Instagram’s selfie stickers also let users open their front camera through the Stickers dock, take a selfie, add a frame to it and then use a sticker to give it a mood as they like. This feature do comes with a restriction; you cannot cut-away from something that has been already clicked.

Instagram has also planned to add custom Geostickers that are drawn by local community members from Tokyo, Madrid, Chicago and London. Apparently, these Geostickers are also a copy of a feature by Snapchat; its illustrated geofilters. Just like Snapchat, your recently used stickers now show up at the top of the tray and the Instagram hand free camera now includes a countdown recorder for the ease of users to know where to ham it up.

It is clear from the recent advancement in Instagram that it is turning into a clone of Snapchat features. Let’s also look at a timeline depicting when Instagram launched a similar feature walking on the paths laid by Snapchat:


Snapchat launched it in October 2013, Instagram launched it in August 2016.

Location filters

Snapchat launched it in July 2014, Instagram launched it in March 2016.

AR Stickers

Snapchat launched it in April 2016, Instagram launched it in April 2017.

Create your own stickers

Snapchat launched it in December 2016 whereas Instagram launched it in April 2017.

Currently, the only major feature that Instagram has left from copying is the animated selfie masks that is a widely used and acclaimed feature of Snapchat. Facebook however has this option in its messenger app, thanks to the acquisition of MSQRD, and with Instagram surpassing the whopping figure of 200 Million user base, we can only expect to see these animated selfie masks landing in our Insta-apps very soon.

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