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How can journaling every day help Entrepreneurs build a better business?

In the start, it was the dorm, the laptop, and a big idea. Then I read about journaling. Which raised another question. How can Entrepreneurs build a better business by journaling every day?

Start your day with Morning Pages

In the Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron talks about morning pages.

Morning pages will set the tone for your day. Additionally, it will empty your mind to think what is most important for your business.

You might have seen people having fancy diaries in which they write all about their life. But wait, there is a huge difference between keeping a diary and writing a journal.

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In a diary, you record all the actions that have happened in that day. While writing a journal goes one step ahead. In the journal, you analyze and retrospect your day.

You write whatever inspires you, and if you’re an Entrepreneurs who are willing to build a better business by journaling every day, you need to learn how to make the best use of journaling every day.

When you’re small, you might have written a dairy, or maybe not. But in both cases, you know what to write in a diary, but now you’re grown up, and you don’t know what to write in the journal. Well, the good news is you’re here to learn more about journaling for Entrepreneurs.

So, here are some things that you can write in your journal:

Log in every piece of Idea you get

“Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so” ~William Shakespeare

The thing with writing everything down is that you never know which of your ideas will change the world.

Keep a journal with you at every time. And if you cannot carry a journal, use Evernote to keep track of your ideas.

Here is my screenshot of Evernote where I am brainstorming some ideas for my next blog post.

blog ideas for startup business

It is not about making sense of ideas. For now, write whatever comes to your mind. Write raw ideas. And later, you can craft those ideas for perfection.

The lessons learned

As an Entrepreneur, you will fail a lot. And if you do not learn from those lessons, they will keep repeating themselves.

Every day you will be faced with good or bad experiences. What successful people do, is they recognize the pattern when they get successful and analyze their failures.

You can journal what have you learned from your mistakes that day.

You stumbled upon a presentation with a client, write that down. You missed a deadline, write that down. You messed up and order, write that down.

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Everything you write, ensure that on weekends you’ll analyze the mistake and see what went wrong.

Use your failures to ignite the fire within. And use that fire to move towards success.

Fire up your pressure cooker

Journaling is an amazing way to release some pressure off your back.

Did you get a passive-aggressive, condescending, or downright hostile email today? Did a client yell at you for something that was out of your control? There’s no more perfect place to vent your workplace frustrations than in the privacy of your own journal.

In your journal, jot down the response you really wanted to send to that colleague or client. Read it a few more times if you want, then let it go.

With journaling, you can take off all the pressure and clear your mind for better understanding.

Jot down all your worries and it will help you make well-informed decisions.

Collect compliments

It might feel a bit odd at the start, but once you start jotting down the compliments you get every day, you’ll see how blessed you are. How amazing you are. And how great it feels to get appreciated by the people you love and total strangers who are true about how you work and see the world.

collect compliments

Reading compliments, again and again, gives you a feeling of accomplishment. A feeling that cannot be replaced by anything else.

When you’re feeling down, just look at the compliments you’ve received. These compliments make your Entrepreneurial journey a lot easy and worth pursuing.

Envision your future

A person without a clear vision for the future is like a bird with no feathers.

Bad Entrepreneurs live in their past, while great Entrepreneurs envision their future.

While you’re on way to success, you need to visualize where you want to be in the coming years.

Write every day. Where you want to be soon. What rewards, achievements, and successes you want in the future.

The great thing about writing things down is that, when you write things down, half of the battle is already won.

Use every sense you have. The feel, the touch, success-after-party you want when you will get there. Write everything as if you’ve already achieved it.

To wrap it all up

As a struggling Entrepreneur, you will be faced with the enormous amount of pressure. And while you’re doing all the necessary stuff, it will get difficult to reach your full potential if you’re busy in these mundane tasks.


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