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Looking for the Best Marketplace Strategy for your Ecommerce business? Read here

Best Marketplace Strategy

The demand for E-commerce is rising dramatically in the current times and with the rising demand, contenders are joining in making the market reach its saturation point.

For any e-commerce website business, creating and launching an online business is definitely a daunting task that requires significant efforts both in terms of research and development. However, marketplaces exist to make the lives of ecommerce business owners easier and allows them to focus on their business, its strengths and the opportunities that can be availed.

Today, custom web design agencies offer different development opportunities to help your online ecommerce business take off the ground and looking at them for the sake is really not a bad idea. You can also take help from marketplaces to boost your online business. A marketplace is an online reseller of your products that may also host it for you.

There are multiple online marketplaces that are also highly visible to the online users which many of us already know about. To name the giants, Amazon and eBay are two most famous ones. Let us see now some of the prominent advantages of using an online marketplace to publicize your product:

Helps you gain visibility in the non-traditional audience

One of the main reason for hosting your products on an online marketplace is to gain visibility among the not so traditional audience that also affects the traffic on your website, positively. Along with the interested audience, there will be targets that were not too interested in your product but might help the overall e-commerce website industry as they may purchase the product later on from you or some other online resource.

Easy liquidity of slow-moving goods

Another reason why online sellers host their products on several marketplaces is to quickly liquidate slow-moving goods. Since online marketplaces have a huge and diverse traffic of online shoppers on them, therefore a product that might not be a running product on your eCommerce website can become a cash cow on this other marketplace that you choose to host your product on.

To pinpoint search engine optimization efforts on a smaller line of products

Search engine optimization is among the best practices for achieving a good influx of interested traffic on your website design. Custom web design agencies make it a point to offer reliable and affordable search engine optimization services to their clients so that their business may shine and this can also be a reason for you to choose a marketplace for your products. While one of your product is enjoying limelight on a marketplace through its dedicated search engine efforts, you can focus on a smaller line of products that you may have launched not too long ago and opt to converge all your efforts in the search engine optimization of this product to achieve better visibility.

Customer’s trust on marketplaces

Popular marketplaces become popular after spending a significant time in the industry and they have invested momentous efforts to gain the position they are at. Customers also trust these popular sources to shop due to their strong brand heritage and industry presence. Business owners choose to list their product on such market places not only because of the large customer base that they can get but because of the credibility too that these marketplaces brings to their products.

They offer innovation

An online marketplace is a huge collection of products listed under various categories. This automatically makes them very big, both as an entity and big in terms of online traffic as well. To keep their game on the top level, they keep inventing themselves, by introducing newer product ranges and by instilling newer technologies they make the entire user browsing experience fulfilling for the online customers.

Now that we know how a marketplace can help your product and you as a business owner, let us look into some effective tips of choosing a viable marketplace for your product offerings:

How to choose a marketplace for your product?

There are several things that a business owner must consider before finalizing the decision. It’s always easy to choose an established marketplace but with that, you are also offering yourself up to the mercy of the competition that bigger marketplaces have. Irrespective of the size, a marketplace that is well adapted to your product type can help in increasing sales dramatically.

According to categories

Marketplaces categorize different product into well-placed product categories. These categories are created to help customers in finding the product of their interest with ease. These categories help filter down the products in front of the customers and foster better visibility.

According to the costs involved

Normally, whenever you choose to list your product on a marketplace there is a minimum monthly subscription involved that enables you to host your product. For smaller e-commerce businesses, a higher hosting cost means increasing the burden and increased risk.

Ease of payment and security

Popular marketplaces offer multiple payment options to the online customers along with data security. This is exactly why people prefer to buy from places like Amazon and eBay instead of an e-commerce website that is fairly new in the market. For a business owner Where to Sell Online makes it easier to compare multiple online marketplaces to finalize one to host their products on.

So now that we know how to evaluate a marketplace for our product hosting, let us have a look on how to sell on marketplaces with increased efficiency:

How to sell on marketplaces?

So you know now why you should sell through a marketplace, but we are not done yet. How to sell is a question that is still unanswered. Let’s learn now:

What products to sell?

If you are thinking about your best sellers, you are absolutely wrong. The idea of selling on marketplaces is to bring traffic from popular resources to your website. If you put your best selling product on the marketplace for sale you are actually offering your prized possession to someone else, and no sane person does it. Keep them to you only so that the loyalty of your customers remain intact with you only, and put a less selling product on a marketplace so that its sales boost and can also bring traffic to your website due to the increased visibility that it will receive on the marketplace.

What information should you put there?

Make sure to put every relevant information about your product on the marketplace without missing out on even one point. Since it’s an external resource, missing information means missing out on a probable lead. That being said, do not attempt to copy and paste information from one resource to another. Doing this may cause an error in your search engine optimization efforts and may result in a marketplace content duplicate which the search engine as well as the marketplace won’t like.

I hope you enjoyed reading the article and hoping for it being informational for you. Marketplace selling isn’t only to dip your toes in the e-commerce waters. It can serve as a great strategy for smaller e-commerce businesses to gain visibility and sales hikes at the same time. Please leave a comment below if you like the article or if you have any questions popping up in your mind.

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Mohammad Ali is an experienced digital marketer and a search engine marketing specialist who is currently associated with Branex, as senior digital marketer and brand strategist.

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