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How are Brands leveraging the power of 280 character tweet limit?

I read a lot,which is why I constantly feel the need to share that information with my social media friends. For Facebook, I have a lot of space to rant or go full out on a word vomit, without worrying about exhausting myword count (after all, it is a free country). On Twitter however, it was really frustrating to restrict my feelings tojust 140 characters. Needless to say, I felt suppressed, not to mention, stupid at replying to myself! I am sure many other writers feel the same!

As a serial Entrepreneur, I was bound to share all the ins and outs of my brands in detail with my audience. As a custom website design agency, I needed more room to share the creative designs that we use to turn ideas into digital awesomeness.
Well, the good news is that I no longer need to worry about limiting my thoughts to share on Twitter. Because Twitter rolled out an update that vamped up the character limit to 280. For me, this is awesome news, and brands are also tweaking their marketing strategies around this new development.

You can take inspiration from these roof-raisingly wonderful brands and implement these strategies in your next marketing campaign.

The new feature is taking the digital realm by storm, and a lot of brands are having fun using it. Here is how these brands are making the best out of the 280-character extension.

piece of that kit kat

Some brands are even testing out the 280 characters limit by infusing a tinge of humor in the situation:

Testing if we have

Some brands are putting on their creative hats (and trench coats):

Some more tweets that can get your creative juices flowing:

To wrap it up

This transition is still in its infancy. So, we cannot predict which way the tide will turn. But one thing is for certain; brands are jumping on the bandwagon to capitalize on the 280 character limit and using it creatively in their campaigns.

Get down to a serious brain storming soliloquy, and try out something different for your brand as well. There is no harm in leaving your comfort zone to test unknown waters. Sometimes, the most unexpected things make the most memorable impact in our lives. Don’t miss the chance to shine more.

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