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How to Harness the Power of Saying No in Business and Increase Your Sales?

Power of No in business

Are you suffering from ”Gotta-do-a-deal-itus” syndrome?

People who are from real estate might understand what I am talking about. For others, let me elaborate. The situation occurs when you’re buying a property that’s way out of your league. However, since you’re inspired by the events that occurred in Jim Carrey’s Yes Man, you end up saying YES to the deal and pay too much for the property. What ensues afterward is buyer’s remorse and a huge dent in your wallet.

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We are our raising kids in a confused society. Parents over-pamper their kids and fulfill every little request that the kid put forward. Moreover, without saying no, we give everything to the child without realizing its consequences. However, in business, if you don’t say no to certain things, soon you’ll find yourself saying no to things that are important to you.

In business, the core goal is to generate revenue. However, your customer might have some other goals. For a customer, they want to pay as little as possible for the product and that might not work for you.

Not every customer is like that. So, it is best advised to use the power of no to fire these type of customers first. My ex-boss used to call such customers ‘energy drainers.’ Not every customer is worth serving; similarly, not every business deal or a personal favor is necessary to accept.

If you are like me, you might find it impossible to say no to anyone.

Let’s look at what will be covered in this blog:

  • Benefits of saying No
  • When is the right time to say ‘No’?
  • How to Say “No” without hurting anyone?
  • Set Early boundaries
  • The reason why you are saying No
  • Give an alternate solution

Why people find it difficult to say No when they should

  • When you say No to a client, it might upset them, and you can lose the customer.
  • Saying no is disturbing. Science proves that our brain is hard-wired with a negative-bias that makes us sensitive and difficult to accept anything negative. So, as a result, we avoid interaction at all.
  • A potential client might not accept no at first and push you towards ending with a yes.
  • If you don’t say no to people, you are sending a clear message that you are willing to deliver everything they ask of you.

It is not at all about saying no. It is about the way you say it. At times it becomes necessary to use the power of no to get some pressure off your back. Also, that is precisely what you’ll learn in this blog.

First, let’s look at the various benefits of saying no.

Benefits of saying No

  • The less available you are, the more clients will be eager to get to you. When you say no to a client, it gives a message that you are overloaded with much work and gives the impression that you are a desirable company.
  • Saying no will save a lot of your precious time. If you don’t set boundaries, clients will think that you have much time. A client might ask for a revision without paying anything extra; this is an excellent time to say no.
  • The worst kind of business relationships is those in which a person feels that they are taking advantage of. When you say no to a client, it means that you are seriously professional and don’t take anything for granted.
  • A simple no will give a message to your client that both the parties can speak freely, and this will strengthen the bond.
  • You might not understand the power of no at the moment, but when you start saying no, you’ll be able to focus on the other essential aspects of your business.

An excellent TED talk about ‘The Art of Saying No.’

When is the right time to say ‘No’?

Now that we have established the power of no let’s look at when is the right time to say no.

Before you say no ask these three questions:

  • Is it beneficial for me to work with this client?
  • Does the client understand the value of my time?
  • Will saying “yes” cost you anything extra?
  • Is the client demanding anything other than the agreed-upon scope?

If you are a startup, then the last point is the only one that might impact you. For a well-established business, answering no to any of the last two questions will be the best choice.

How to Say “No” without hurting anyone?

It takes more than words to say no to anymore. If you don’t practice it enough, your no can hurt people. Start practicing with your friends. Next, you can try in the emails.

How to Say No without being Rude?

My rules of saying no to people I don’t want to.

Set Early boundaries

Tell the person the processes, expectations early on. This includes working hours, preferred communication methods and turnaround time. The best approach is to talk as much as you can right at the beginning. If anything goes beyond the scope of work, inform them about the priority and the extra costs associated with them.

Early boundaries will eliminate any confusion. Even if you are willing to make any changes in the middle of the project, state the reason why you are changing the timeline or adding up things.

The reason why you are saying No

Imagine this. If someone asks you to slash your quoted price for a solution by 20% and you say no abruptly without providing any valid reason. This will convey two messages. You lose a customer, and second, the potential customer will tell everyone that you’re a jerk.

On the other hand, if a person asks you to reduce the offering price and instead of saying ‘no’ straightaway, you tell them, ‘I cannot do it. Because if I take this project, I would spend less time on this project and will not be able to deliver the full scope of the project. Moreover, your business will be affected.”

Notice the difference? When you say ‘no’ with a reason, the client cannot argue with you because you have done the maths. You have determined that discount, it is not worth your time. The client has a choice. Either to go for a cheaper service or pay whatever you’re asking for.

Of course, some will go for a cheaper service, but you’ve harnessed the power of no to give a clear message without hurting the reputation of your brand.

Give an alternate solution

What if instead of leaving the client in the desert you plan to help your client? To do so, you can provide an alternative solution to the client.

You can make a deal which is agreed by both, or you can revise the scope, contract keeping intact the interests of both the parties.

Saying no won’t be easy if you’re used to saying yes, all the time. However, learning to harness the power of no is an essential part of simplifying your life and managing your stress. Moreover, with practice, you may find saying no gets more comfortable. Whenever you are planning to say no to someone, keep in mind to be brief, honest, and respectful. Rest, you’ll learn as you practice.

There are things in life that we can’t say no to. For Branex, it is crafting exciting web and mobile experiences for our amazing clients.

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