80% of residential growth in U.S.A will occur in suburban markets starting in 2017. 44% of home buyers purchased a home that they found by using the internet. With a huge amount of purchase now done via mobile apps, buyers are noticeably more dependent on their mobile applications to discover the simplest and most reliable way to purchase products from mobile. All across the global mobile app development companies are code-switching from websites to mobile-only apps that are getting mind-boggling attention.

From the past few decades, Real Estate business has also become digitized as other businesses.

National Association of Realtors concludes that Real Estate sales sky-rocketed to 5.52 million in the year 2017. People are now searching to buy Real Estate online over the internet or in recent few months via a mobile app that can get the job done.

Digital Real Estate Online Hunt

National Association of Realtors and Google collaboratively researched the online real estate searching trends. Findings of the research given below:

Over the recent years, 90% of the buyers search properties online or use the real estate mobile app to search out their desired property. In the past 5 years, real estate searches on Google has grown by 2.5 times. And around 85% of the buyers use a camera while buying the house.

Now, if you’re planning to develop the Real Estate mobile app what are some of the key functions you need in the app?

As for the functionality, there are various modules that can be included. Here we are presenting some of the most influenced models.

On Google alone, you might have seen buy property online ads. You need to include a photo gallery of the property, maps, and geolocation services are also helping people finding the right property near their desired location. Of course, call or SMS is necessary to connect with the dealer himself.

Show customers what they are looking for

Customers are the prime source of revenue for any business, and giving them complete ease and hassle free experience will increase your chances to sell the property. Many of the top real estate mobile applications have seen exceptional growth with millions of app downloads. In a nutshell, get rid of the traditional way of selling things and doing business, it is time for you to move your real estate business to the mobile app.

How building a mobile app will help you Real Estate Business?

First and foremost you need to treat your mobile application same as you treat any of your employees. You expect them to grow your business and make some sales. You need to nurture it, cultivate it and give everything that it wants to make you happy and give you some results.

Your customers will be searching for the desired property in his mobile app and he is expecting to connect with the property agent then and there. What you can do as a business is give the customer experience they want with the help of photo gallery. Once you give them this information they will not only buy the property from you, they will also refer your app to their friends.

How much does it cost to develop real estate mobile app development?

There are a lot of free mobile app cost estimators that can estimate you the cost of Real Estate Mobile App. Development cost varied based on the functionality and complexity involved in developing desired features.

If you want to take your business step further from the competition, try us out. We can develop a real estate mobile app for you.


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