It’s been quite a while that I have been associated with Branex. It’s an online branding agency in USA, and my work allows me to meet and talk to a myriad of clients who come to us seeking help for their brand. At time they are entrepreneurs who are just stepping in the professional markets and at other times they are business owners who are looking to acquire a revamped identity for their brands.

Whatever the case may be, many clients question us about the formula (if any) for sure shot success of their brand. And we mostly answer them politely by saying that their isn’t any formula for that, but consistent efforts in the right direction along with right base set often lead brands towards profound success.

And this is absolutely true too. The success of any small or medium size business hugely depends on the initial executions. Setting up the right mission, right choice of employees, achievable and measureable goals and their review makes a small organization grow big. But that definitely takes time. Growth of any organization is not an overnight business. Selective measures and perseverance makes good thing happen to you. With these thoughts in mind, let us look to five ingredients that combine to build the right stepping stones for any business towards success.

Create a compelling mission statement

A clearly verbalized, compelling mission statement not only attract clients but also encourages strong commitment to the teams. A clearly put mission statement also keep the team members glued to the achievement of a unified goals over the period of time. When jotting own your mission statement, start with why, than how. For example, why is the company setup for? Why is your company better suited to fulfill the needs of your clientele? Why should you be considered over other? And so on.

Find the right talent

Finding and hiring right talent is crucial for the success of any small or medium enterprise. But that’s not it. The hard part is finding people with the right character. And by that I don’t mean the cleanliness of the character but how well the person is equipped to work in teams. Too many people around the globe face difficulties working in teams, that’s because in a team, more than one minds are working for the accomplishment of a uniform goal and when people are not suited to work in a team environment, there will be conflicts among them that will eventually lead the organization in negative.

It is always good to hire people who are champions of change along with a natural ability to establish processes, structures and plans. These personality traits are critical because people who lack them will not become a good fit for your team, thus would hamper productivity and organizational growth. Ultimately, it also gets down to the thinking of your staffers. Their beliefs, attitude and actions along with their commitment to that mission that you all are trying to accomplish collectively.

Clear goal setting

The process of setting up short term and long term goals for the achievement of the mission is also critical for your business’ health. Clearly articulating these goals will ensure that the people along with the processes will work together for the achievement of the goal in the right direction.

Consider an example of a school of fish in the sea. Their goal is to travel to point B from pint A. imagine if all the fishes in the school are travelling in different direction? There would be no goal achievement at all. Therefore to achieve success, all the wheels of a trailer should move in the same direction.

Select right marketing mediums

Selection of the right marketing mediums is imperative for the success of your company. Companies are there to offer any kind of service or product to the customers and customers would know only if you market your product service on the right mediums. Naturally determining your target audience is also a must before embarking on the marketing efforts, however wrong selection of the marketing mediums can lead you to disasters. Imagine a cigarette brand marketing its product on a cooking channels. The effort will reeve no gain, let alone the backlash the brand will have to face due to marketing cigarettes that are apparently harmful to human health on a cooking channel. I leave the rest on you to decide!

Get professional collateral designs

Marketing today, be it for any product or service is highly influenced by digital technologies. Internet has literally taken over our lives and consumers search their smallest to largest queries on the internet. Let alone the power of social media marketing that has opened doors to new possibilities for consumers and business avenues for organizations across the globe. Branding designs if not created professionally would leave no lasting impression on your customer’s mind, be it offline or online. Small businesses in a quest to save cost often deter the use of professional design agencies in USA and opt for other ways that undoubtedly saves their cost, but also put their overall branding strategy, let alone their organizational rapport and market presence at risk. It is therefore suggested to always hire professionals to create branding designs for you.


Success is an innate characteristic for any organization that takes place only when other things are done right. There is also no definite formula or recipe to acquire success, could that be, we wouldn’t have heard of failures around us. Remember, a failure is just the beginning of success, where you learn from your past mistake and move ahead not to repeat it again. During the process, don’t forget to take help from the points I mentioned above or call us if required.


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