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6 Awesome Habits That’ll Transform Your Startup From Zero To a Million-Dollar Business

You wake up with the sound of Nightingale around you. You put down your feet on the glass floor. You’re served with a sumptuous breakfast. You know you deserve this all, because 5 years from now, you were on the verge of a breakdown. You had it all but then your friend suggested you look into the lives of highly successful people. And luckily you listened to him. Now, 5 years later. You have it all. What habits you adopted to get here. Well, you’re in luck. Because you are about to hear the habits which turned my life around. Not just turned around, it helped me break my mental barrier and succeed.

Firstly write this on paper and stick it to your cupboard, your bed, and your bathroom mirror “Those who can do, those who can’t, complaint.” If you want to succeed, you really need to build habits that are tried & tested. Presenting 6 habits that transformed my life for the better.

Habit #1: Write everything down

If you really want to get things done, you need to write things down. Jotting things on paper, take them away from your mind and you can focus on the execution part. Every morning and right before you sleep. List down the things you’ve achieved & what you’re willing to achieve today. Have an idea, write it down. Want to do something, write it down. Want to pitch your business, write your sales pitch down. The real magic happens once you see what you really want to achieve.

Habit #2: Rise early, achieve more

This is no doubt one must-have habit of every successful Entrepreneur. Join the 5 am a club. Sleep early and wake up at 5 am. The thing is, if you wake up early, you tune yourself for the coming day when others are busy dreaming. And when others wake up, you have achieved 60% of your goals. Do a healthy breakfast. Plan your day. Read something. Listen to motivational audio books. Exercise. There is so much you can do to jump-start your day in a way all other successful people do. Oh yes, I also hated rising up early, but once I trained my mind to wake up early, it was all worth it.

Habit #3: Visualize your success

There is so much talk about ‘seeing the end’, if you can’t see it, you cannot achieve it. And to tell you the truth all is true. “When I started (a digital marketing agency from New York) I Visualized every day. The success, the projects, the customers, all happy with me. And luckily, after 3 years, I had it all. My success started the day I started Visualizing success for my business. “Raheel Najmi, CEO, Visuals have power. And if you see your success in your mind, there is a greater chance that you’ll make your way to the top.

All the sports stars, billionaires, successful Entrepreneurs started with a dream. Something they believed in. Something that made them tick. You can be successful if you to do what others did. And that sees yourself making small increments every day towards your final goal. The great thing about the mind is that it doesn’t differentiate between imagination and reality. So, if you really want to enjoy life in Hawaii like the one mentioned at the start, you really need to visualize all the success in your mind first.

Habit #4: Sharpen your saw

This is habit number 7 of Stephen Covey ‘7 Habits of Highly Successful people’ not a rocket science in this. If you really want to succeed in this competitive world, you really need to focus on self-improvement. I love the word “Kaizen” which means ‘constant improvement’. No matter how successful you become or you’re starting out, you need to establish the learning mindset. Every day you learn something new. Keep your mind open for everything. But make sure you take only what is necessary for your goal. It is good to listen to everyone and learn from everyone. But it is not good to adopt soul-crushing habits. Habits, that turn your life around for bad. Seem out good people, books and connect with people on social media. Learn from them. Polish your skills. And most importantly, share something you learn with people whom you care.

Habit #5: Be disciplined

I used to watch 3-4 movies every day. What was the outcome? Just entertainment. I used to drink 4 cups of Coffee every day. What was the outcome? Dizziness and day dreaming. Coffee is good, but an excess of it will fly you up in the skies. And you really can’t afford to remain in the skies if you want to succeed on earth. Your life is a message to this world. To your family, to your friends and to the people working with you. So make every minute count. Do not waste your time in useless negative self-talk. Life is short. Make sure you discipline your life and make the most of this life. Plan things ahead. Backup your plans. Do this that are urgent first, then go for things that are important. Do not over-do things just to achieve more. Give preference to quality over quantity.

Habit #6: Stay calm and achieve more

Every successful entrepreneur needs to incorporate meditation into their daily lives to break from the daily all-consuming chaos and free up room for creativity. Meditation can take the form of prayer, silence, writing in a gratitude journal, even dancing—anything that takes you out of your own head.

You can start with 5 minutes a day and extend that to 30 minutes a day. This small habit will clear your mind for new ideas, you will surely be calmer and achieve more out of the day.

To conclude it all. Habits, is what separates successful people from unsuccessful ones. These are few habits that made me successful and I hope these will help you too to achieve more in life.

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