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Top 5 Successful Marketing Campaigns of 2017 for Your Inspiration

Successful Marketing Campaigns

The adage “if you build it, they will come”, might have worked in the 80s blockbuster “Field of dreams” but it certainly has no place in retail or e-commerce. In order to capture the attention of customers, marketers today resort to splurging a fortune on advertising and marketing; all in an effort to build a stellar reputation for their brands!

Your brand reputation matters a lot and you can’t underestimate its value in the midst of a raging brand war. It can make a huge impact on whether consumers trust your brand enough to buy your products, or tell their friends about you -in a nutshell, your overall business growth.

In this cut-throat business world, nearly every brand is striving hard to come up with stellar marketing strategies to get their voice heard and win the ratrace. To attract more and more people and win their trust, you need to show them why your brand is unique and the sole reason behind your brand’s existence.

Modern consumers are tech savvy and know when they are being pitched by a brand.It is becoming very challenging to win their trust and promote your products in front of them. You need to come up with a creative marketing strategy to lure in customers and make them feel the urge to buy your products.

There are many brands that are utilizing their creative juices and developing startling social media marketing campaigns to create a trustworthy and positive impact on their brand’s reputation. From one-off campaigns to holiday planning to store launches, marketers are forever eager to flaunt their brands creatively.

If your digital marketing agency is looking for some innovative ideas to tap into an unexplored customer base and create a result-driven social media marketing strategy, here are some of the most stirring social media campaigns of 2017 for your inspiration.

1. Adidas Originals – #ORIGINAL is Campaign

Adidas understands that their target market is not spending much time watching traditional TVCs. They are also drilled in the knowledge that millennials respond promptly to digital and social advertisements. Recently, Adidas came up with an amazing Instagram campaign,#ORIGINAL is,and linked influential figures from the worlds of sports, skates, art, and music, such as Designer, Stormzy, and Snoop Dogg to promote their Originals collection. Even though Adidas boasts different product lines for each sport, the video established their originals brand as an epitome of hip-hop culture.

The campaign capitalizes oninfluencer marketing to appeal to a massive userbase. Collaborating with big names synonymous with the Hip-hop culture, helps boost the credibility of the brand in the fashion realm, and the video it has created for their #ORIGINALis campaign is very engaging and intriguing.

2. Airbnb – #WeAcceptCampaign

Brian Joe Nate – the founder of Airbnb regretfully cites, “no matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love, or who you worship, you deserve to belong. We know this is an idealistic notion that faces huge obstacles because of something that also seems simple, but isn’t – that not everyone is accepted.”

3. Amazon – #1 Campaign

Amazon – the e-commerce giant,came up with an amazing idea; they ran a successful marketing campaign on Instagram just to express gratitude towards their customers and brand advocates for rating them the top corporation in business reputation.

This is something that famous brands don’t usually do, but Amazon’s #1 campaign made its fans and followers feel great, while strengthening their connection to the brand.

best instagram marketing

Amazon posted a simple image on Instagram showing their top-notch reputation ranking with an engaging caption telling their fans about an amazing discount they offered in celebration of their bounding success.

By providing promo codes or linking to a promotional landing page, your brand can also increase sales via Instagram marketing.

4. Gucci– #TFW Gucci Campaign

Memes have literally eclipsed the limitations of internet ephemera. Memes have emerged as a cultural currency that marketers are rushing to cash in on. Gucci #TFW Gucci(That Feeling When Gucci) is a brilliant example of successfully jumping on a trend to capture the attention of a particular target market.With this ingenious campaign, Gucci wanted to raise awareness among younger demographic who can afford Gucci products, just to create a hypea round the brand.

The Instagram marketing campaign was inspired by the internet-born catch phrase“that feeling when” and accompanied by hilarious images, showcasing their latest collection of luxury watches, aimed at wooing their millennial demographics. By imitating memes, created by a host of theorists, writers, meme-makers, photographers, and artists, Gucci tapped into a famous online trend that resonated with its target market, and people simply lost it. The memes receive a whopping 2 million likes and thousands of comments, thus creating a buzz around the brand.

A post shared by Gucci (@gucci) on Mar 20, 2017 at 7:10am PDT

5. Ted Baker –#meetthebakers Campaign

A famous fashion brand, Ted Baker, came up with a unique and multi channel approach (VR, Instagram Stories, and Interactive Store Windows) to promote its spring/summer collection. They created a shoppable 360-degree video that mashed up the classic 70’s American sitcoms with Snap-chat like hilarious graphics.

The Keeping up with the Bakers campaign centered on the stylish Bakers Family. The 360-degree video is directed in pastel colors with fun graphics to appeal to Snapchat users. The items/outfits sported by the characters in the shoppable film could easily be purchased by viewers.

The 360-degree VR oriented shoppable film, allowed viewers to immerse completely into the Bakers’ world. The fashion retailer has played on Instagram Stories to capture the interest of younger audience, and glean more engagement and social shares.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these successful marketing campaigns of 2017 have in stilled in you some great ideas pertaining to social media marketing campaigns your brand can potentially run to get maximum ROI and engagement. Knowing your audience well and keeping up with all the latest trends and events can provide you with a huge opportunity to create a relevant, shareable and high ROI marketing campaign.

If you appeal to consumers in the right way with your innovative marketing campaigns, it will successfully evoke positive emotions in your audience,pluck at their heart strings,and encourage them to engage, share and take the desired action.

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