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20 Successful Women Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2018

Women have been doing wonders in most of the fields of life. We see excellent women doctors in all over the world like Tamika Cross who are serving the humanity in an inspirational way.

We see excellent women athletes like Maria Sharapova who are making women proud in a way that they are not far behind men in sports . We see top business women like Sheryl Sandberg who are a role model for not only girls but men as well.

Women entrepreneurs in great numbers have risen in last few years from all over the world. If we say, that women are now leading men in many fields then it will not be wrong at all. From tech industry to health care, women are recreating the eco systems.

In this post, you will find such top 20 women entrepreneurs who you should follow in New upcoming year 2018.

  1.   Beth Niebuhr:

Beth Niebuhr belongs to Prescott, Arizona. She is a mentor, coach and most importantly CEO of “Encore women”, a firm which helps women entrepreneurs in fulfilling their dream by business growth. She is a lover of arts, aviation and the last but not the least her family.

  1.    Jennifer Hyman:

Jennifer Hyman is the CEO and Co-founder of “Renttherunway” and “” which are renting service and a women entrepreneurs facilitating firm. She belongs to New York City, USA.

  1.    Brittney Castro, CFP:

Brittney Castro is the CEO and founder of “Financially wise women” which is basically a financial planning firm. It helps women in financial management. She is also an excellent speaker and partner at

  1.    Holly Worton:

Holly Worton is an author, podcaster and business women. She has the goal to mentor women entrepreneurs.  She is from Surrey, UK. She is in business since 1999. Her first business was related to hospitality.


Camilita Nuttall is well known as Rock Star international speaker. She is an excellent motivator and award winning corporate sales and business growth specialist; she is an entrepreneur, who teaches world to live like a champion.

  1.    Nancy Hayes:

Nancy Hayes provides consultancy on career and leadership. She mentors women entrepreneurs. She is an active angel investor. She has been CEO of a non profit organization, Starbright. She believes in developing quality leaders.

  1.    Cameka Smith:

Cameka Smith is an influencer, excellent speaker and co-founder of The Boss Network, a community for women entrepreneurs. She has been among top 10 business women on Forbes and Inc.

  1.    Nina Kaufman:

Nina kaufman is among 30 women entrepreneurs according to Forbes. She is an excellent speaker and blogger. She is from New York City. She is running a blog Her aim is to provide counseling to women entrepreneurs.

  1.    Nancy Chorpenning:

Nancy Chorpenning loves helping women entrepreneurs in re-setting their vision. She is an advocate for women entrepreneurs. She helps women whose businesses are in growth phase. She is cofounder and managing director of “C-suite advisors”. She is also from Atlanta.

  1.  Nicholla Henerson:

Nicholla Henerson interviews women entrepreneurs of Middle east. She is running the “learning curve podcast” which features female talent in entrepreneurship.

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  1.  Kelli Thomas Drake:

Kelli Thomas Drake is the founder of a health app “My Purple Folder”. She is a very renowned personality among women in tech industry. she belongs to Dallas, San Francisco.

  1.  Holly Ransom:

Holly Ransom is the CEO of “Emergent”, a firm which works on disruptive strategy and capacity building for change management. She is a very experienced director in public and private organizations.  She belongs to Australia.

  1. Allison Maslan:

Allison Maslan is another name among top women entrepreneurs. She has been number 1 bestselling author. She has built 110 successful companies. She is the CEO of Allison Maslan, a business coaching agency. She is from San Diego, Canada.

  1. Ingrid Vanderveldt:

Ingrid Vanderveldt is the founder of ebw2020, which has the vision to empower women entrepreneurs by 2020.  She is also the 1st entrepreneur in residence at dell. She has been the tv show host and investor. She is from Austin, Texas.

  1. Lashanda Henry:

Lashanda Henry is from NYC, USA. She is the founder of Sistasense which helps women to earn money online. She is a mentor to women entrepreneurs online. She has been working great to empower black women entrepreneurs.

  1. Alexa Von Tobel:

Alexa Von Tobel is the founder and CEO of “Learnwest”, a company with the goal of giving financial advice to millions of Americans. She has been NYC bestselling author. She belongs to New York.

  1. Laura Fitton:

Laura Fitton is the CEO and founder of one forty which was later acquired by hubspot. She works on Inbound for Hubspot.  She is from Boston, MA.

  1. Olga:

Olga is the CEO and founder of Shoptiques, a company with a goal of innovating the online shopping experience. This young lady is also from Newyork.

  1. Julia Hartz:

Julia Hartz is the CEO and cofounder of Eventbrite, a platform to build, manage and grow events. She is from San Francisco, CA.

  1. Gina Bianchini:

Gina Bianchini is the founder and CEO of “Mighty Networks”, a social network which enables to transform fans into a community. She is from Palo Alto, CA.

End Note:

Above 20 women entrepreneurs have no doubt performed a tremendous job, but there are many other names which are also performing great and are empowering women by their efforts and services. Thanks to every single lady who is an entrepreneur in any corner of the world.

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