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Ace The Game of Your Thank You Page and Hike Your Online Sales

A couple of days back when the New Year discounts were in full swing at shopping malls and outlets, I went to this clothing store to get my hands on a nice pair of jeans. During the rush hour, I managed to recruit a pair for my self after much jostling and shoving, and proceeded towards the payment counter, where along queue of buyers slowly snaked its weary way forward. Just as I despaired!

The queue seemed pretty interminable and most of the people had to shuffle armful of clothing items, which is definitely a daunting task, especially when the checkout time is no less than 20 minutes. When I finally got to the front and heaved a sigh of relief after reliving myself of my shopping spree guilty pleasures, the person at the counter took my money, gave me a receipt along with my bag, and that’s it! No thank you or hope to see you soon’s!

He was doing this with every other customer I noticed, which led me to deem his demeanor rather rude,since it was not leaving a good impression of the brand that we went to. Imagine when I could construe not getting a mere thank you at a physical out let an offending gesture, how do the customers feel when a brand doesn’t offer a courteous bow of fare well in the event of an online transaction?

In the online retail world, a thank you page serves the exact same purpose as what I as a buyer was expecting from the guy at the counter; a courteous adieu. A thank you page marks a pivotal moment within a customer’s journey. By closing the deal with a thank you page, online brands tend to delight their customers and provide a good enough reason for them to come back.

Since a chivalrous farewell through a thank you page is the moment that cements your relationship with your customers and coaxes them to return to your welcoming arms, an online business should take full advantage of their thank you page and aspire to tune it to keep the customer’s interest intact in the business offerings for generating repeated sales from anexisting customer.

If you are not yet drilled in the INS of outs of creating a persuading thank you page that can help you in nurturing more leads, read onto see some examples of thank you pages that have nailed lead nurturing:

Secret Ingredients to Whip up a Ravishing Thank you Page

If you are a business owner yourself, here are a few persuading points for your thank you page to hit the jackpot:

  • First thing first, always include your normal website navigation on your thank you page. If your customer intends to purchase more from you, they shouldn’t have to head back to your home page and start from scratch.
  • Don’t forget to include a courteous message that instills faith in the transaction. It also provides an affirmative that the order has been successfully processed.
  • Make sure to include an up selling offer in your thank you page that induces your lead to stay on the site and opt for a repeat purchase action.
  • If you are providing an up selling offer, be sure to add clear instructions that can help your customer finalize the decision.
  • Don’t forget to incorporatesocial icons inyour thank you page, which not only builds credibility but also promptssocial sharing.

To further clarify the above-mentioned points, here are a few practical examples of businesses who have definitely nailed the art of creating persuading thank you pages:

Normal website Navigation

This thank you page pops up when an existing customer of the password protection company upgrades to the latest version of the software. RoboForm has conformed to our first basic of creating persuading thank you pages and included a website navigation in their thank you page. Since updating to the latest version reflects a satisfied customer, offering them something free at the end works like fireworks, and sweetly balances everything along with leaving a positive rapport.

Include a courteous message

Here is a great example of how James Grandstaff created value for their leads who downloaded their free report. It is also a widely known fact that people who download online reports seldom open them, but this brand is making sure that their reports don’t end up lying alone in a desolate waste. By offering their leads an email swipe, they are subliminally tuning their leads for a post-download action, which is an infallible way of driving conversions. Once the prospect opens up an email to see what is inside, they are actually setting them on a path of information gathering that leads them towards the desired action that the brand has intended.

An upsell offer with clear instructions

Jigsaw Health is a dietary supplement provider who is offering a limited time offer to their existing customers. The offer is literally for a limited time as it waives off exactly 10 minutes after it goes live.

Since the purchasers of dietary supplements are extremely health conscious people, who are always seeking ways to stay in shape, this brand is offering them an up sell at a very lucrative price. The brand further secures the potential of this offer by keeping it time bound that prompts visitors to act on their whim, instead of take a rational decision.

The brand goes a step ahead in liquefying the offer by including a “Yes! Add this to my order” button that adds the up-sell product to their cart with just a click. This makes the offer not only lucrative for the person but also embarks great benefits to the brand itself. This is a great example of how other brands can include attractive offers to their thank you pages for a revenue gain.

Inclusion of social icons

Thank you pages can be used for a myriad purposes rather than just a courteous ending. This thank you page appears when a person fills the contact information on Orbit Media Studios. In this example, the person has already contacted the page. Since it proves that the lead is interested, the page opts to invite the person to sign up for their email subscription along with providing social icons to let the person share the information within his circle. This not only cements the chances of a lead conversion for the business but also opens up a window of free publicity for the business in the form of social sharing.

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